Blow Up Furniture 90s

The Blow Up Furniture 90s

If you can remember the nineties, you probably remember the inflatable furniture that was all the rage. They were popular with teenagers and children who begged their parents to get them so they could use them at birthday parties, pool parties, or just because. In the 90s, these items were everywhere and the only downside was that they stuck to your body. This made you feel like a walking lightning rod because of the constant friction between your body and the blow-up plastic.

Air chairs became a craze in the nineties, and it continued into the 2000s. The nineties brought neon colors, platform shoes, strappy dresses, and neon beaded curtains. Even nail polish was sold as squeezy tubes. Thankfully, these trends have faded, but some of us are still hanging on to our memories. Luckily, we can still enjoy the craze for its nostalgic appeal and a good time while we can.

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