Blow Up Reindeer

Bear Eats Inflatable Reindeer

When a bear decides to eat an inflatable reindeer, it may not be the most pleasant experience. A recent video shows a bear attacking an inflatable whitetail. It seems like an unlikely victory. The attack was captured on video by a neighbor who shared it with the rest of the world. The bear apparently thought it was a month’s worth of food and decided to take it down. Rachel Gasparini, a neighbor, shared the video on Facebook.

Among the many Christmas decorations that you can purchase, the most popular are inflatable Santa and reindeer. The size of these inflatables is impressive and comes complete with a waterproof charger, built-in fan, ropes, stakes, and LED interior lights. They are easy to set up and come with stakes or tethers for hanging them from a tree or any other location. The inflatables will be a hit, no matter if they are used as yard decorations or for a party display.

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