Bobb’e J. Thompson Height

Bobb’e J. Thompson is an actor known for appearing in multiple films and TV shows. Fans were curious to know his height.

Acclaimed actor Brian Tyree Henry rose to fame by portraying Tupac Shakur in the 2003 movie My Baby’s Daddy and Stanley on That’s So Raven. Now he appears regularly on Wild n’ Out!

Early Life and Education

Bobb’e Jacques Thompson was born February 28th 1996 in Kansas City Missouri and became widely recognized for his performance as Tracy Jr. on NBC series 30 Rock. Additionally he has appeared in films and television shows such as Role Models and That’s So Raven.

Bobbe first gained widespread notice as a child performer when he made his television debut at age five on The Steve Harvey Show, followed by film debut in My Baby’s Daddy as “Lil Tupac.” By 2008 he had earned star billing on That’s So Raven as Stanley while later portraying M.J. Williams from Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse and Fred Claus.

Bobbe stands 4 ft 5 in (137 cm). He claims that his height stopped growing after turning 16; often cast as juvenile roles in movies and on stage productions.

Professional Career

At an early age, Thompson established himself in the entertainment industry with his comedic timing and natural ability to steal scenes. Since then, he has also pursued music careers while remaining deeply committed to charitable work.

He is best-known for his roles as Tracy Jr. on 30 Rock, Stanley in That’s So Raven (including its first spin-off Cory in the House) and Jimmy Mitchell on Tracy Morgan Show NBC series (short-lived series). Additionally he has appeared in various films.

In 2018, Thompson joined comedian Nick Cannon’s VH1 series Wild ‘N Out and took part in fierce rap battles against other contestants. As of this writing, Thompson remains in excellent health with no medical conditions or illnesses present.

Achievement and Honors

Thompson has left an indelible mark on the acting industry despite his diminutive stature, appearing in several movies and TV shows including 2008’s Role Models as well as lending his voice for animated characters.

Bobb’e J is also known for his successful music career. He has released multiple albums and had several of his songs featured in films like The Tracy Morgan Show and Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge.

Bobb’e J is currently featured on MTV reality show Wild N’ Out and has impressed audiences with his freestyle skills on the show. However, fans have expressed curiosity regarding his height.

Personal Life

Thompson was born in Kansas City on 28 February 1996 as an only child and follows Christianity. However, no details regarding his personal life have been disclosed by him at any point in time.

He has appeared in multiple TV shows and films, earning several nominations and award nominations along the way. Renowned for his comic roles, this actor has amassed quite the fan following and boasts an enduring cult status.

He won over audiences as pint-sized Tupac in My Baby’s Daddy and later featured as a regular cast member on Tracy Morgan Show and That’s So Raven.

He is best known as one of the stars of MTV rap battle show Wild N’ Out, impressing audiences with his freestyle skills and praise of Nick Cannon as mentor. Additionally, he will appear in 2021 VH1 original film Miracles Across 125th Street.

Net Worth

He is a highly sought-after voice actor and comedian whose contributions have garnered him an ever-growing fan base. Through films and TV shows that feature him, his work has helped build him an impressive net worth.

At an early age, this talented entertainer began making waves in media outlets like film and television. After making his mark with “My Baby’s Daddy” in 2003, he soon went on to star in films such as Shark Tale (voice role), Cellular, Of Boys and Men and Fred Claus.

Thompson is actively engaged in charitable activities that support children’s education. Although currently single and without any children of his own, Thompson enjoys traveling and spending time with those closest to him during his leisure hours.

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