Body Found Centereach Ny

Body Found in Backyard of Home in Centereach ny

On March 15, the remains of a 16 year-old boy were found in Centereach’s backyard. The body was discovered by an unidentified individual and is being charged with Murder 2nd degree. The boy’s remains were wrapped in duct tape around the head and mouth. Police did not disclose a cause of death, but have asked the public for tips. Crime Stoppers can be reached at 1-800-220-TIPS if you have any information.

Melissa Molinari, 38, was last seen leaving her Centereach home on Nov. 21. She was unable to return home that evening. Her children were reportedly in tears. Her husband reported her missing on Dec. 2 after not seeing her for two days. On Dec. 3, police searched the property and the water basin across the street to find evidence of the crime. The investigation is ongoing. Police are awaiting toxicology reports before releasing any more details about the death.

Suffolk County detectives are investigating the case. The body was found in a plastic tub. The body had been bound with duct tape. Police believe that the two men were close friends. The suspect, Marcello Molinari, has served prison time in the past and is scheduled for arraignment Friday in Central Islip. Both the victim and suspect were both hospitalized in the 1990s. They had been in the same hospital for one year prior to the crime. After they were released, Hernandez stole his father’s truck.

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