Body Found In New Orleans Today

A Body Found in New Orleans Today

Today, a body was discovered in a car at the Eastern edge of City Park. New Orleans police provided very few details about the incident. Police claim that the victim, who was 39 years old, died from multiple gunshot wounds. Police are still trying to identify the suspect. They did not release the man’s name. Police are examining the scene to identify the suspect. The body will be identified once his family is notified.

Kevin Poole Jr., 15 years old, and his two sisters vanished in the Mississippi River last Wednesday. Their body was found today two miles from where they fell. They are currently investigating the cause. Police haven’t released the identities of the other two children. But the search for Kevin Poole Jr. is ongoing. Police are contacting his family. The cause of death remains unknown, but it is likely homicide.

Police claim that the man who was arrested for obstruction is not connected to the woman’s death. They say that the woman was a woman, according to the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office. Several pictures of the woman’s body were posted on Beale’s social media accounts before he was arrested. No police officers identified the victim when they were initially on the scene, but they expect to learn her identity as the investigation continues.

The Coast Guard has ceased searching for the victim. The victim was also killed. The body was discovered in a Highland Road car. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday to determine the cause of death. Although the cause of death is still unknown, police believe that the suspect is not a member of a gang. The body of the victim was found in an abandoned car. Beale, the driver, was taken into custody at NOPD headquarters. Beale faces charges of obstruction of justice as well as various drug charges.

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