Bolivar Rum

The History of Bolivar Rum

Rum is most associated with the Caribbean region due to its sprawling sugar plantations and proud maritime history.

Venezuelan rum is rapidly growing in popularity and this unique gift pack contains one full bottle of their Reserva Exclusiva as well as a glass and ice ball mold to showcase it!

Early Life and Education

Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar y Palacios Ponte-Andrade y Blanco was born July 24, 1783, in Caracas, New Granada (now Venezuela). As was customary at that time, his wealthy parents sent him to school in Spain where he learned European philosophy and politics.

Bolivar was a true internationalist. His goal was to establish a federation of Hispanic American countries involving representation from all existing nations within this region at that time.

A Spanish sojourn in London allowed him to become familiar with its institutions, which served as models of political wisdom and stability for him. Furthermore, witnessing Napoleon’s coronation as Emperor of France inspired him to pursue a path leading towards glory himself.

Professional Career

Rum is more than just an enjoyable beachside beverage – it can also be used in baking and savory dishes for its versatility and delicious taste! Chefs around the country have begun incorporating more rum into their menus.

“My favorite pairing for Venezuelan rum is tropical fruit desserts with coconut, mango and passion fruit flavors; the juxtapose of their differing tastes blend harmoniously.” — Mile Montezuma of Cranes Restaurant in Washington D.C

Bolivar Rum is an accessible spirit to be enjoyed anywhere and its complex and smooth flavor stem from being aged tropically. The spirit is named for Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan hero credited with playing an instrumental role in helping South and Central American countries declare independence from Spain including Venezuela itself.

Achievement and Honors

Simon Bolivar (or the Liberator), was a Venezuelan hero who played a prominent role in bringing about independence for several South and Central American countries from Spain. Though Bolivar failed in his ambition of permanently unifying Latin America, his legacy still lives on today in its modern form.

Bacardi has earned numerous accolades since its foundation, including winning a gold medal at the 1876 Philadelphia International Exposition for industrial innovations as well as numerous quality and production accolades throughout its existence. Bacardi rum has amassed over 1,000 spirits industry awards – an impressive milestone.

The bat-shaped logo used by our company – inspired by an amulet found on Bolivar’s deathbed in 1823 – symbolizes strength, health and family unity while simultaneously carrying with it an ominous meaning of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Personal Life

Bolivar’s travels through Europe helped shape his worldview and develop anti-imperialist views. While visiting Rome he met Humboldt who discussed South American independence.

Bolivar’s troops suffered from digestive ailments during their fight for independence against Spain. To ease their discomfort, German doctor Johann Siegert devised Angostura as an elixir; later it would become one of the world’s most beloved cocktail bitters.

This rum is the epitome of flavorful Venezuelan sunshine. Distilled using a Column Still and aged in ex-bourbon barrels for at least six years with cocoa and vanilla distillates to provide an outstanding cocktail-grade rum experience. A real beauty, its price is well worth its value!

Net Worth

Jorge Bacardi lived an abundantly loving and happy life. His deep relationship with Leslie led to an intimate nightly and morningly ritual: telling her he loved her before bedtime and right when waking up, and giving her a kiss on the forehead as part of that tradition.

He had an extremely close connection with his family business, Angostura Rum. Dating back to 1830 when it was established by Dr. Siegert in Ciudad Bolivar along the narrows of Orinoco River in Venezuela.

Bacardi remains one of the leading spirits brands, yet only has an estimated market value of $9 per share despite recently unveiling several exciting new products such as citrus-flavored rum.

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