Botija Olives

Botija Olives

Product Features These fully raw and lacto-fermented black olives contain vitamins A and E, calcium, iron and beautifying oleic acid – an omega 9 monounsaturated fatty acid with numerous heart benefits.

These delicious olives make an irresistibly delectable snack on their own or can add zest to any salad or meal! Produced and packaged in a gluten-free facility.

Early Life and Education

Botijas>>, delectable table olives from Peru, are packed full of selenium. In addition, these delicious treats contain calcium, iron, vitamins A & E as well as heart healthy oleic acid for maximum nutrition and heart wellness.

Once olive trees arrived in Viceroyalty Lima, due to government policy and Creole pride in relation to them, new forms of olive cultivation emerged that focused on processing table olives (botija>>), without significant oil production.

Tambo 22 was established to meet both ecclesiastical demand for lampante oil as well as promote cultural pride for Peru’s olives, hence its name – guests can look forward to an array of tapas-style small plates such as Peruvian burger and anticuchos; plus potato-based snacks known as causitas.

Professional Career

Product Details

These black olives (also called aceitunas negras) make an excellent addition to salads, appetizers or Mediterranean/Italian dishes, offering probiotic fermented aji pepper as well as heart healthy monounsaturated fat oleic acid content for heart healthy monounsaturated fat content in your favorite Mediterranean/Italian recipe or Greek meal.

Duarte’s restaurant, Tambo 22, will feature Peruvian-influenced bar food and snacks such as burgers; anticuchos (grilled meat skewers); causitas (potato-based snacks seasoned with salt, aj amarillo (five to 10 times hotter than jalapeno pepper) and botija olives); all served up in its 16-seat dining area complete with its own bar stocked with natural and organic wines as well as imported beers; local craft options will also be featured as well as local craft options.

Achievement and Honors

Chef Virgilio Martinez’s menu showcases Peru’s diverse biodiversity through grilled octopus scented with maiz morado and doused in botija olive aioli sauce reminiscent of botija olives, yellow potato mousse, and creamy avocado that resembles budino-style doughnuts. A stand-out item on his menu is his Peruvian Causa dish featuring botija olive aioli combined with yellow potato mousse and smooth green avocado that looks similar to doughnut-like doughnut.

Black botija olives, mildly spiced with aji pepper, make an excellent and economical appetizer choice for any gathering due to their versatility and affordability. Seasoned with salt but not fermented and dried at low temperatures to preserve natural oils intact – making them suitable for those suffering from high blood pressure who cannot consume too much sodium; organic black botija olives without salt are an ideal option for enjoying nature in its purest state!

Personal Life

These black olives (commonly referred to as botillas) are an indispensable staple for creating your favorite savory dishes. They pair nicely with sun-dried tomatoes, Provolone cheese, tapenade and other flavorful condiments – plus you can snack on them or use them rehydrated in soups and stews.

As soon as they’re harvested ripe, olives are lacto-fermented in water with salt to produce meaty, robustly-flavored olives that lack bitterness. These olives can then be enjoyed as part of Mediterranean, Spanish or Italian dishes or eaten straight out of their jar!

Olives are delicious fruits packed with nutrition – vitamins A and E, calcium, iron and antioxidants are just some of the many vitamins found within them! Additionally, they’re an excellent source of potassium as well.

Net Worth

Peru is famous for their large black olives that boast soft, succulent textures that melt in your mouth with ease, offering delicious tart flavors that pair perfectly with Mediterranean/Italian dishes. Olives also boast nutritional benefits including Vitamin A & E as well as calcium and iron as well as heart healthy monounsaturates such as oleic acid which gives their beauty.

These pitted organic olives are carefully cured and dehydrated before being spiced with aji pepper powder for an irresistibly tasty snack. While you can eat them alone as an indulgent treat, they also make an impressive addition to any charcuterie board, soup or stew dish, or can even be added for an Italian flair if desired! Featuring no herbs to preserve their natural flavors but you may add oregano for additional zesty spice notes! Produced and harvested on Southern Peru’s coastal desert plains before ecological cultivation before careful hand picking by experienced artisans with care taken care in cultivating and hand picking each olive.

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