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Boxers CR7 Trunks and Socks

These premium men’s trunks and socks, designed in close cooperation with Cristiano Ronaldo, will offer comfort and support whether sitting back on the couch or working out. Crafted with soft cotton-stretch material for maximum stretchiness and featuring repeating CR7 branding on its elastic waistline.

Trunks offer more leg material freedom than briefs, making them an excellent solution for those who find briefs restricting or overheat when covered up. In addition, the matching CR7 socks come in three packs made of pima cotton stretch fabric for optimal performance.

Personal Life

Mother Courage wrote in her book Mother Courage about CR7’s mother working as both cook and cleaner to support the family, while struggling to make ends meet and planning an abortion but failing. To terminate it she used warm beer in an attempt at miscarriage and ran around frantically until finally giving up.

Elegant and top quality boxers from CR7 underwear’s collection. The designs were developed in close cooperation between Cristiano Ronaldo and New York designer Richard Chai, featuring elastic waistbands featuring repeating branding for maximum comfort.

Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather has earned an estimated net worth of around $450 million as one of boxing’s greatest champions in history. The majority of his income comes from fight purses, sponsorships, endorsements and investments he has made through fight purses, sponsorships and endorsements. Furthermore, Mayweather has invested in businesses including his CR7 line of products and hotels through the Pestano Lifestyle brand; current sponsors include Tag Heuer, Herbalife and Clear Haircare products.

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