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Ed Bradley, Son of Former NBA Player Nick Van Exel, Gets 60 Years in Prison For Murdering Bradley Eyo

Nickey Van Exel, son of former NBA player Nick Van Exel, has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for accidentally killing Bradley Eyo. According to police reports, Van Exel claimed he shot Eyo by mistake while playing with guns at his Garland, Texas residence.

Paul Johnson, Van Exel’s attorney, maintains his client was involved in “horseplay” and had no idea the gun was loaded. According to Johnson, Van Exel panicked upon realizing it was loaded and moved quickly in an effort to dispose of both body and weapon in a nearby creek.

Early Life and Education

Ed Bradley began his journalism career as a radio reporter in Philadelphia before transitioning into television reporting at CBS News and 60 Minutes, including covering topics like the Vietnam War and civil rights movements, presidential campaigns and more. His forte lay in covering wide-ranging news events such as these.

Nickey Van Exel, son of former Mavericks player Nick Van Exel and found guilty of killing and disposing of the body of his friend at Lake Ray Hubbard, received 60 years imprisonment from Dallas County jury members on Friday for killing him and then disposing of it at Lake Ray Hubbard. It took less than an hour for them to decide; on trial day Van Exel apologized profusely to victim’s family while his father Nick Van Exel sat motionless beside his witness box during testimony.

Professional Career

Former professional basketball player who spent 13 seasons in the NBA on six teams. Now serving as Player Development Instructor with Atlanta Hawks.

Van Exel was shot to death while playing with a shotgun owned by Eyo’s stepfather that they didn’t realize was loaded, according to Eyo’s lawyer.

Prosecutors have charged Van Exel with capital murder, alleging that Eyo was murdered as revenge against his plan to turn informant against Van Exel about aggravated robberies the two had committed together in Houston. Eyo had agreed with authorities as part of plea agreements for those crimes, according to prosecutors.

Van Exel Sr. was visibly distraught during a February court hearing when his son, Nathaniel Van Exel was sentenced to 60 years for killing one of his longtime acquaintances in 2010.

Personal Life

Friday afternoon, Nickey Maxwell Van Exel, son of former NBA player Nick Van Exel, was found guilty by a Dallas jury for fatally shooting Bradley Bassey Eyo during an act of horseplay gone awry while using a shotgun at his home in Garland, Texas suburb. It had accidentally gone off.

Van Exel was unaware that his weapon was loaded, nor intended to kill his friend. As such, he has entered no plea of guilt in this matter and offered cooperation to police authorities.

Van Exel played 13 seasons in the NBA including one with Dallas Mavericks. As his father addressed court, he broke down crying as he apologized to both families involved and promised not to do it again.

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Nickey Van Exel, son of former NBA player Nick Van Exel, was found guilty in December 2010 for murdering Bradley Eyo and disposing of his body near a Texas lake. Van Exel claimed that his gun accidentally went off while “horseplay” occurred – his attorney insisted this meant it could never have been loaded at that point in time.

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