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Branded Jewelry by Bugatti – A Sleek and Sophisticated Way to Express Your Affinity for the World’s Most Exquisite Cars

Jewelery by Bugatti is an elegant way to express your admiration of one of the world’s most luxurious cars. Now available from luxury watch and jewelry maker Jacob & Co, these co-branded pieces from Bugatti allow fans of Jacob & Co’s collection to show their support of these remarkable automobiles.

Ettore Arco Isidoro Bugatti of Milan founded his acclaimed luxury car company in 1909. Born into an artistic Italian family – including furniture and jewelry designers as his parents, and talented sculptor brothers as brothers-in-law – Ettore Arco Isidoro Bugatti became known worldwide with his groundbreaking luxury car company.

Early Life and Education

Jacob Arabo dedicated much of his early years to jewelry craftmanship. Beginning by selling plastic hair clips and silver trinkets, his designs soon gained wide acclaim and gained him celebrity clients – as well as hosting parties in his charming brick Colonial home.

His father Carlo was a furniture designer and sculptor using bronze to fashion wildlife likenesses into sculptures of wild animals. This influence extended to Ettore who went on to design entire rooms and sets of silver tableware; and Rembrandt who used these sculptures of wild animals as inspiration for furniture pieces of his own design.

Asprey’s Royale Egg Necklace features a carbon fiber shell encased in sterling silver diamond weave lattice encasing, and featuring the bonnet mascot of the Bugatti Type 41 Royale as a tribute to their rich legacy, innovation and creativity.

Professional Career

The jewelry industry offers many exciting career pathways to those of varied interests and skill sets. Many enter this field with only a high school diploma or GED certificate before continuing their studies through vocational schools, colleges or universities that provide jewelry-related classes.

Experience and skills can also be gained through on the job training for sales positions or formal apprenticeships with jewelers and watchmakers. The MJSA Career Connections website provides access to jewelry industry jobs as well as an online Resume Builder that allows job seekers to create dynamic profiles while uploading resumes, portfolios or any other professional documents they might require in their job search process.

American Job Centers and CareerOneStop locations can also be valuable resources when it comes to finding jewelry industry employment. Both centers provide free assistance with job hunting, resume writing, interviewing and career development needs for jobseekers.

Achievement and Honors

Asprey Studio collaborated with Bugatti to design a jewelry collection that celebrates both its history and character. Each piece draws upon vintage car styles with distinctive lines for inspiration.

Its sleek and contemporary design combines bold red accents with highly resilient tungsten carbide for an eye-catching fashion statement, perfect for formal ceremonies or as fashion statements.

Ettore Arco Isidoro Bugatti comes from a family brimming with artistic talent; Carlo Bugatti was an internationally acclaimed furniture designer while Giovanni Bugatti, his grandfather, was known for both architecture and sculpture.

The company has won multiple awards for their exceptional services and cutting-edge technologies, in addition to multiple design awards from trade fair presentations; including winning the Best Automotive Brand Award from German Design Council.

Personal Life

Jacob Arabo immigrated with his family from Bulgaria to the United States seeking a better life, only bringing their suitcases as luggage. Utilizing an immigrant program and working in a jewelry factory he earned $125 a week while fulfilling someone else’s designs wasn’t fulfilling him as intended.

He began designing jewelry, and quickly was making more from this side business than from his full-time employment. His intricate pieces pushed the limits of mechanical possibility and earned celebrity customers such as Naomi Campbell and Lionel Messi as customers.

Crafted of elegant yet resilient tungsten carbide, the Bugatti Ring was carefully designed to help mark each milestone of life. Featuring its striking red groove and beveled edges for added charm, this beautiful accessory will leave an indelible mark upon those you meet along the way.

Net Worth

Jacob Arabo has amassed an impressive net worth as an accomplished jewelry designer. In 1986 he established Jacob & Co, where he made stunning jewelery pieces as well as classic Swiss watches that are revered worldwide.

Jacob & Co’s Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch pays a loving ode to one of the world’s most prized hyper sports cars with its miniature replica W16 engine that can be activated simply by pushing a button.

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