Brandy Thomas

Brandy Thomas is a Family Law Attorney Who Loves Kids and Sports

Brandy Thomas is an energetic family law attorney who takes great delight in helping families achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. She collaborates closely with a team focused on diversity, equity and inclusion to achieve this end.

Thomas was receiving interest from many colleges such as St. Peter’s and Hofstra; she knew in her heart she would ultimately commit to the Blackbirds.

Early Life and Education

Brandy Thomas always knew she wanted to become a lawyer, even listing it in elementary school’s “What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up” project. Since then, she has focused on divorce and family law, representing clients before both state trial courts as well as the Connecticut Appellate Court.

Her passion lies with education, especially as it relates to equity and inclusion. She works tirelessly to reduce stigma surrounding mental and physical health services for marginalized communities – something Guided Pathways can assist with.

Brandy Thomas enjoys spending her free time with her family. Additionally, she’s an avid sports enthusiast and often participates in basketball or soccer leagues.

Professional Career

Brandy Thomas hails from a small town and has always been very involved in her community. She marries two of her greatest passions – children and sports. She has worked as a nanny and camp counselor while coaching varsity lacrosse – two activities which spark Brandy Thomas’ interest.

She embodies an impressive dedication to education equity and inclusion, having served on both the Black Caucus and Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. Additionally, she has worked to destigmatize mental health services for marginalized groups during her career.

She brings this same dedication and care to Freed Marcroft clients and team. She works closely with Freed Marcroft’s family law practice, specifically divorce and child custody cases. She loves working closely with parents to help their children flourish after divorce.

Achievement and Honors

Brandy Thomas earned four-year letter awards at Ludington High School. As part of that tally, she set school records in both shot put and discus events during each of her final two years and qualified three times for state meets in discus throws. Additionally, Brandy excelled at basketball and volleyball as well as track & field.

She earned All-CAA second team recognition during 2022-23 after scoring double figures 15 times and pulling down more than 10 rebounds on 11 occasions.

She has long been an advocate of equity and inclusion within academia and professional settings. Additionally, she has worked to destigmatize mental and physical health services for marginalized groups. Recently she received the 2020-21 Hayward Award in recognition of her outstanding campus leadership in student equity and inclusivity issues.

Personal Life

Brandy Thomas is passionate about working with children. For over 10 years she has been active in child care as a nanny, camp counselor, and soccer coach. Additionally, Brandy believes strongly in higher education’s potential to empower marginalized communities while simultaneously destigmatizing mental and physical health services for marginalized groups.

She is an avid sports fan who delights in traveling with her fiance and Chiweenie Chloe. In addition, she loves exercising and spending time with family and friends. She strives to bring out the best in people and has an unwavering dedication towards excellence in everything she does.

Since she was young, she had wanted to become a lawyer – listing it on projects in elementary school to identify what career they desired as adults. Now practicing family and divorce law from Trial Court through Appellate level.

Net Worth

Brandy has been practicing family law for nearly a decade and is experienced in all areas of divorce and child custody law, from litigation all the way through appellate proceedings. She regularly represents clients before trial courts.

She aspires to offer the highest level of service to her clients and finds immense satisfaction in seeing them conquer one of life’s toughest hurdles. It brings great satisfaction when her efforts pay off in terms of seeing successful outcomes for each case she works on.

She enjoys drawing in her free time and socializing with friends. Currently she resides in Simsbury with her fiance and their Chiweenie Chloe.

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