Breanne Paquin

Breanne Paquin’s Lawyers Say They’ve Been Scammed

Max’s birth mother was pregnant at the time, but it is not clear if she gave birth. The Paquins stopped communicating with the woman they hoped would give birth to their baby. Their lawyers say they were scammed. But why would anyone fake induced labor? What can be done to help these parents? Here are some suggestions. Read on to find out.

The woman was originally scheduled for a c-section on December 9. The couple contacted her doctor a week before delivery, saying she was feeling better. But the doctors said there was no need to induce the birth. A new date was scheduled for December 28, but the birth never occurred. It’s unknown whether Paquins’ infertility was a factor in Paquin’s decision. But the couple is now hopeful that it isn’t the case.

After years of infertility struggles, the couple decided to adopt a child. After several years of unsuccessful attempts, the couple decided to adopt a baby in 2017. The couple, who had no children of their own before, searched Facebook and other social media for a stable home to adopt a baby. A Houston woman responded to their search. The woman claimed that she was five months pregnant. The couple hired a Houston lawyer to handle the matter. The woman’s identity was confirmed.

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