Brian Hood Colorado Obituary

Brian Hood, the Man Behind One of Colorado’s Most Notorious Murders, Dies at 87

The obituary for Brian Hood, the man behind one of Colorado’s most notorious murders, has been released. His family and friends have been notified of his passing, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The 87-year-old died in October, 2021 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He was a native of Belleville, Illinois and had lived in Colorado Springs since his retirement.

Hood was a former high school football player and earned 10 varsity letters in three different sports, including soccer, track, and basketball. He also played golf and served in the Army National Guard. He married a sweet woman named Dianne Hood and they had three children.

He was an active member of the local community and church.

Despite his criminal background, Hood was a devoted and loving husband, father, and a devout Christian. He was also an accomplished insurance salesman and a member of the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

His wife, Dianne Hood, was killed on September 12, 1990 in Colorado Springs as she left a lupus support meeting at the Otis Park Community Center. The woman was wearing camouflage fatigues and a ski mask when she was shot twice with a.45-caliber revolver, killing her. She lay on the ground pleading for her life.

After her arrest, she told investigators that her husband had brainwashed her and told her that he wanted her dead. He referred to biblical scriptures to persuade her. He also argued that her lupus had caused her pain.

She was an attractive, soft-spoken person who possessed a warm heart and endless devotion. Her pretty smile, gentle touch and beautiful eyes will always be remembered by those who knew her.

In addition to her spouse and children, she is survived by siblings, including a son from another relationship. She was a beloved aunt to many other children and a cherished grandmother to several grandchildren, as well.

Her sister-in-law Angela Moore says she is saddened by her death, but believes her release from prison was the right thing for Reali and her family. She echoed a statement from John Suthers, the prosecutor who convicted Hood, that she posed little risk of reoffending and had helped convict her onetime lover.

The Colorado Division of Corrections confirmed to Contact7 Investigates that Hood was granted parole on March 22, 2019. A spokesman said the decision was made in part because she and Brian Hood “shared responsibility, and this commutation brings balance to the conviction and the sentencing.”

He is currently at Sterling Correctional Facility five years past his initial 22-year sentence because of an escape in 1997. He is slated to be eligible for parole on June 25 this year, records show.

Whether he is granted parole or not, Jarrod Hood hopes that Reali and his father use what time they have left for good. “Grief can take many different forms, but as someone who has lived this and now is helping others as a professional counselor, I believe in the power of forgiveness,” he said.

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