Bridget Shiel Instagram

Bridget Shiel’s Instagram Account is Full of Heartbreaking Pictures

After her death, the social media world lost a very talented young woman. Angela Shiel, Bridget’s mother, said that she was studying at Empire Beauty School, Dunwoody, Georgia. She was also a successful model and appeared in several music videos. Her death still breaks Angela’s heart. Bridget Shiel’s Instagram account is full of heartbreaking pictures of her, and her mother feels guilty over the accident.

In the aftermath of her death, the world turned to social media to learn about Bridget Shiel’s death. The body of the 19-year-old girl was found in Oakland, California on Tuesday morning with numerous bullet holes in her back, buttocks, and stomach. The bullets were classified as “radical invasive projectiles” (R.I.P.) by law enforcement. However, they had little personal information on the girl, and police were still searching for her killer.

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