Britanna 2pk Patio Club Chair Natural – Opalhouse

Britanna 2pk Patio Club Chair Natural – Palhouse

Designed to be both comfortable and sturdy, the Britanna 2pk patio club chair is made from natural wood with a steel frame covered in a woven material. Its curved shape is perfect for a patio or any indoor setting.

Steel frame covered in a woven material

Using a steel frame covered in a woven material is a quick and easy alternative to building a structure. It’s also a very eco-friendly method of building. Since the frame is made of steel, it’s a very strong and durable structure. However, because it is made of metal, it’s susceptible to fire. It may also allow water to enter the building. For this reason, it’s a good idea to install fire resistant ceiling construction.

Traditionally, flat frames were made of wood or painted fabric. Today, plywood and metal tubing are used instead. These are generally constructed of galvanized steel sheets, which are zinc coated to prevent corrosion and oxidation. These sheets are then used as a “form” for the fabric or as a “corrugated mold” for concrete.

One of the major advantages of the steel frame covered in a woven material structure is that it’s highly durable. This means that it will withstand extreme climates. However, it’s important to choose quality metals for the frames. Using inferior metals can cause catastrophic building collapse. For example, steel that is too thin can cause excess flexing. Similarly, metal tubing that’s too wide can cause partial collapse. And finally, fabric that’s too thin can rip and spread. With this in mind, it’s important to find a steel frame that’s both strong and durable.

Sturdy steel frame

Fortunately for us, this two piece patio club chair is not only functional but stylish as well. Its sturdy steel frame is complemented by a snazzy plush cushion. The material has been treated to make it stain resistant, and its sleeve is also upholstered in a coordinating tweed. Its padded seat comes with a hidden storage compartment, and the cushions are available in three different color options. The best part is that it will complement any existing patio set, and is a breeze to move around. Its sturdy steel frame and taffeta upholstery are matched with a coordinating tabletop.

The aforementioned aforementioned wicker tabletop is accompanied by two armchairs that sport a semi-circular rattan motif. The most sexy of the two is the most expensive, and is complemented by a snazzy matching cushion.

Suitable for indoors or outdoors

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