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Biography of Bronte Adams

Writing biography can be a deeply engaging experience; you spend years immersed in your subject’s world, living and breathing them as though no other matter existed.

Bronte Adams, a Rhodes Scholar and former consultant with McKinsey & Company. She established Dandolo Partners to utilize the logic and discipline she gained during her time consulting to achieve public impact through the public service sector.

Early Life and Education

Though Patrick Bronte was middle class, his social connections were limited and could not afford to send his daughters to an established girls school; therefore he sent them instead to an alternative educational program designed for children of lower clergy members with reduced fees.

Charlotte and her sisters thrived in this environment, exploring their imaginations through writing stories of their own creation and developing a life-long love of reading and writing.

Adams began his legal career in 1758 and quickly established an excellent practice. His ability to successfully defend clients in complex cases earned him the respect of fellow lawyers as well as frequent contributions to Boston newspapers on matters relating to social and political affairs.

Professional Career

Bronte, as director and founder of dandolopartners, a public policy consultancy, employs her knowledge, discipline and approaches from top level management consulting to achieve significant public impact. Well known for her bipartisan approach, she has led public policy development and implementation across sectors like innovation, health, technology, science research startup cultural education.

She has held roles as both a consultant with McKinsey & Co and senior government executive positions. A Rhodes Scholar, she currently sits on Commonwealth Government Broadband Advisory Group, UNESCO High Commission as well as several boards and public sector bodies.

Gillian Bronte Adams enjoys strong coffee, desert hikes and creating new soup recipes on crisp fall nights. In her free time she writes epic fantasy novels such as Of Fire and Ash and The Songkeeper Chronicles which have won multiple awards.

Achievement and Honors

Adams is a fantasy author known for her sword-wielding, horseback riding and travel adventures who packs books first when leaving home for adventures. Her novels follow outcast characters through broken roads and epic battles.

She has extensive media and conference speaking experience and national prominence in technology, innovation, science and government policy with management roles that include expert advisory advisory consulting roles.

She owns six SafeSplash Swim Schools in Houston. As a two-time Olympic swimmer, she takes immense pleasure from watching kids set goals and acquire skills in the water. Furthermore, she is a passionate animal lover; particularly horses.

Personal Life

As a sword-wielding, horse-riding, wander-loving fantasy author renowned for packing books before clothes when traveling, her previous career in youth ministry inspired her passion to journey alongside children and teens – something which now finds expression through novels featuring outcast characters on broken roads and into epic battles. And she rarely leaves home without her cup of coffee close at hand!

Daughters of a lower middle-class curate living in an isolated Yorkshire moorland village produced some of the most powerful and moving literature of our century. Haworth Parsonage became a place of pilgrimage, inspiring many writers along the way; their fiery imaginations are responsible for Jane Eyre’s passionate speeches, Lucy Snowe’s despair, and Caroline Helstone’s mental fragility in Wuthering Heights – amongst many others.

Net Worth

Bronte Adams has established herself as a respected sports broadcaster and TV personality, known for her easy conversational skills and extensive knowledge of American football. She hosted Good Morning Football on NFL Network for two seasons as well as hosting various football fantasy shows such as SiriusXM Livin’ the Fantasy and DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Fantasy Zone.

The Bronte sisters were an inseparable circle, supporting one another in their pursuits and sharing constructive criticism to fuel one another’s work. Charlotte Bronte, the oldest of their surviving three siblings, established herself as an accomplished writer renowned for classic works like Jane Eyre and Shirley that remain classic works today.

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