Brown Paper Sketchbook

The Benefits of a Brown Paper Sketchbook

If you’re looking for a sketchbook that’s small, but not too small, then the brown paper sketchbook may be right for you. They are small enough to be portable and often weigh just a few ounces. However, some of these sketchbooks come with extra features, which can make them bulkier and heavier. These features can also increase the price of the sketchbook. This is something to consider before purchasing the product.

Besides being lightweight and easy to carry, a brown paper sketchbook can keep your work safe. Its pages are typically thick, so you won’t tear them while sketching, and markers won’t bleed through to the next page. Many sketchbooks also come with a cover, which protects the work you do inside the pages.

A sketchbook made of toned paper also gives you more range of values and lets you make more deliberate placements of highlights and shadows. This is especially useful when you’re sketching in the field. This neutral-colored sketchbook also allows you to work with a graphite pencil, and if you want to push darker values, you can also use a white pencil to add highlights.

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