Bruce Barker Piano Man

Bruce Barker is the Piano Man at Neon Cactus

Having been the piano man for many, many years, Bruce Barker knows what it takes to bring in the crowd. He’s played over three thousand shows with a minimum of 350 people attending each one. His shows are a rite of passage for many Purdue alumni.

Bruce Barker’s new room is the Neon Cactus

Whether or not you’ve ever been to the Neon Cactus in West Lafayette, it’s probably one of the first places you think of when you’re thinking of a good night out. Not only is it a great place to drink, but it’s also the home of a massive dance floor. This expansive nightclub also features a karaoke room, darts and pool tables.

When the original Neon Cactus opened in the late 1980s, it was the epicenter of West Lafayette’s college scene. It also served as a local landmark and tourist attraction. Its best-known feature was the large dance floor, which made it the place to be at midnight. The bar had its share of raucous customers, who sang songs and danced together. It also hosted shows by up-and-coming country acts.

A newer incarnation of the Neon Cactus is opening this weekend. It will have a $5 entry fee, although they’re offering $20 fast passes for those who want to get in early. The bar is open Thursday through Saturday from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Bruce Barker’s online Cactus show is a rite of passage for Purdue alums

Among Purdue alums, Bruce Barker’s online Cactus show is a rite of passage. Having played the piano for over twenty-five years, Barker’s Neon Cactus show is a beloved part of the Purdue University campus. Now, he’s going to bring his show to students online, via Facebook Live.

Barker started playing piano at Neon Cactus as a teenager, and he’s continued performing there for twenty-four years. Barker will perform his online show on Thursday, June 14th, for alumni and students.

The show’s theme is “Full Steam Ahead” – a Victorian aesthetic paired with futuristic innovation. Barker will play an assortment of music, and he’ll often have special guests stand up during the show. His original songs are not suitable for print.

Barker started playing piano at Neon Cacites in 1986. He’s played to more than one million people over the years, and he’s been a part of the Purdue University campus for more than twenty-five years. He’s also a chimney sweep and McDonald’s employee.

Bruce Barker’s new room is a rite of passage for Purdue alums

During a recent online show, Bruce Barker was introduced to the Purdue University alums who watched him perform. These people are part of a group that has watched Barker’s online shows for many years. Barker is known for his piano playing, which is a big part of his show. He has played to more than 1 million people. He has also been the Piano Man at Neon Cactus for 25 years. He says he wants to bring the Neon Cactus feel to his new room.

He says that while he is trying to adapt to his new room, he will continue to perform live online Thursday nights. He will continue to host the shows to reconnect with Purdue alums. He also hopes to make his room a rite of passage for generations of Cactus Cup people. He has played to over one million people in his twenty-five years as a musician. Barker has been a Purdue favorite for years.

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