Brunette Barbie Doll

A Brunette Barbie Doll Is Just As Desirable As A Blonde One

Barbie dolls are often associated with the brunette gender. This is due to the diversity of Barbie dolls’ hair colors and ethnicities. The most popular style at the time was the brunette Barbie doll. But that isn’t always the case. A brunette Barbie doll can be just as desirable as a blonde. There are many other choices for this popular style, too!

A Barbie doll that is brunette might look different to a doll that is blonde. First, the doll’s hair color is important. While it isn’t necessary to have dark brown hair to look like a brunette, this doll does have a darker complexion. The strawberry blonde version is available if you don’t love the brunette look. This doll is a great choice for young girls who want a little extra oomph.

Another thing to consider is the size of the doll’s feet. Some Barbie dolls have flat feet or ankles, which make it impossible for them to stand alone. Another thing to consider is that a brunette Barbie doll isn’t as big as a blonde. However, she can still do the same things as blonde Barbies. You might be surprised at how big and heavy she is! This is the beauty of a brunette Barbie doll.

The face sculpt of a brunette Barbie is based on a model of a woman with dark hair and a blue or brown eye. She has a pierced right ear, unlike her blonde Barbie cousins. Her gold-tone dangle triangle earring is usually green and will turn the doll’s ear green if not removed quickly enough. It is best to take the earring off before you play with your doll.

Adele, another brown-haired Barbie, is a friend of Barbie and owns a bed & breakfast in Willows (Wisconsin). The sculpt of Adele was similar to that of Margaret’s, but she was never made into a doll. She is a popular character in the web series Life in the Dreamhouse and the film series. It also features a brunette Barbie wearing a sexy gown.

A black-and-brown Barbie doll is another option. These dolls are part the Black Label Collection and are intended for adult collectors. These dolls are more expensive than regular Barbies, but they do feature additional accessories, including a stethoscope, invitations, and other fun party necessities. You can also purchase accessories. The options are endless, so there’s something for every Barbie fan.

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