Bryan Jack

Bryan Jack – A Thought Leader in Cybersecurity

Bryan Jack is an internationally recognized scholar of African American, United States and world history as well as its intersection with popular culture. He has published widely, serving as President of the Association for the Study of American Culture for two terms.

Jack graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler, Texas and was selected as its namesake. Additionally, he is working on a preconception health IT project funded by grants from CDC, HRSA MCHB, and Kellogg Foundation.

Early Life and Education

Bryan Jack ran hurdles on his high school track team at first, but his true love was music. His family were accomplished musicians and at age 13 he picked up guitar himself before eventually joining a Zydeco Two-Step band.

Jack graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler, Texas and his hometown honored him by dedicating an elementary school in 2007 after him and honoring him with its name.

Bryan Jack was responsible for crafting America’s defense budget. As a top budget analyst who translated policy decisions made by the defense secretary into hard numbers, he earned five Defense Distinguished Service Medals over five administrations for his efforts. Meanwhile, Barbara Jack, his wife, was making her mark as an artist exhibiting her works at galleries and shows.

Professional Career

Bryan combined his love of music and career in information security to found KnowBe4. Their team develops training and simulations that assist businesses in protecting against cyber attacks.

At the Pentagon, he designed and administered the Future Years Defense Program as well as providing fiscal guidance that allowed Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to allocate funding among military departments and agencies. Additionally, he conducted studies on force improvements as well as cost analysis for strategic weapons systems.

Although he never served in the military, he was honored by the Department of Defense with two Defense Exceptional Civilian Service Medals. He continued working through five administrations – including George W. Bush’s presidency – remaining an outstanding mentor and colleague for many of his employees and Stanford University established two scholarships in his memory to support SLIS students.

Achievement and Honors

Bryan Jack is an esteemed security professional who has received numerous accolades throughout his career. At KnowBe4, he served as one of the top information security specialists. Furthermore, Bryan Jack has made contributions in cybersecurity. As such he is frequently invited as a featured speaker at conferences worldwide and considered a thought leader.

He received the 2021 OnCon Icon Award and is widely respected as an expert in information security. With extensive knowledge in malware and phishing attacks, as well as working closely with businesses and government agencies to protect their networks.

He holds deep gratitude for those who have helped him, and is eager to give back in any way he can. Each year he donates generously to the College of Information and Communications with hopes of giving current students assistance in the same way that others helped him along his journey.

Personal Life

As a child, Jack found comfort in music. As an adolescent he played guitar before discovering an appreciation for accordion through joining his uncle’s Zydeco Two-Step band. Since joining this ensemble he has also learned accordion. Jack has published articles on American history, African-American history and the intersection between history and popular culture.

Few weeks ago, he became embroiled in controversy when District Director of Human Resources Summer Romagnoli suggested his dismissal due to her belief that his personal life had caused disruption within the district. She did not explain her reasoning further.

He was raised in Tyler and graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in 1970. His name appears on the Pentagon memorial wall alongside those of victims he is survived by: his wife Barbara and three daughters.

Net Worth

Income, as opposed to net worth, is only an indicator of someone’s overall financial security; it doesn’t factor in debt and savings accounts.

Jack currently boasts a net worth of approximately $5 Million earned through his music career, live rapping performances, and various entrepreneurial ventures.

He has appeared in multiple movies and television series, such as Cocoon, First Blood, Tommy Boy, Assault on Precinct 13 as well as Dynasty and The West Wing on television series.

Buck Commander, his deer hunting equipment company, as well as hosting its TV show for Outdoor Channel have collaborated together to donate over one quarter million dollars towards local relief efforts through KFC and Yum! Brands.

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