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The Burnett Ranch, formerly the Four Sixes, Is Now Owned by Taylor Sheridan

Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas is now owned by a group led by Yellowstone’s creator Taylor Sheridan; previously it belonged to Burnett’s great-granddaughter Anne Marion.

Burnett found happiness both through marriage (his first wife was the daughter of a banker), financial enterprises he handled adeptly and his love of horses; particularly American Quarter Horses which he marked with initials L in honor of Martin B. Loyd.

Early Life and Education

Anne Valliant Burnett, more popularly known in ranch country as Miss Anne, inherited the Four Sixes following directives in her grandfather Burk Burnett’s will. Now as director of Burnett Ranches including Four Sixes as well as Burnett Oil Company and Foundation.

She is an active philanthropist who contributes to arts and education initiatives across Texas, and beyond. Her civic and cultural activities are highly acclaimed.

As of 2017, Four Sixes Ranch is home to herds of cattle bearing the 6666 brand as well as champion American Quarter Horses, due to the owner’s love of horses which inspired her to establish the $200 Million Burnett Foundation and promote the sport of Quarter Horse Racing; additionally she was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame. Production properties exist across New Mexico, West Texas and Oklahoma with producing properties owned by Triangle and 6666 headquarters ranches currently producing their product.

Professional Career

Fay Ranches’ extensive ranching experience, conservation efforts and love of the outdoors makes Burnett an invaluable addition. His unparalleled knowledge of the market and passion for land are an ideal fit with our company’s mission of connecting people to their dream properties.

Samuel “Burk” Burnett began herding cattle along the Chisholm Trail at age 16, quickly amassing one of Texas’s largest ranching empires. Known for his close relationship with President Theodore Roosevelt and staging an elaborate wolf hunt together in 1910, Samuel became close with both men.

At 20 years old, he married Ruth Loyd, daughter of Martin B. Loyd (founder of First National Bank of Fort Worth). Together they had three children; unfortunately two passed away prematurely. Additionally he served on numerous bank boards.

Achievement and Honors

The 6666 Ranch is a historic family business situated on 275,000 acres near Panhandle and Guthrie. Home to Tarentaise cattle, prize-winning horses, an oil operation, as well as being one of the first ranches to offer medical and retirement benefits to its cowboys, it remains an invaluable asset today.

Anne Windfohr Marion was widely respected for her commitment to preserving Western heritage and her exceptional hospitality; President Roosevelt and Quanah Parker took note of this. Her home boasted hunting trophies as well as exquisite art.

She played an essential part in revitalizing the racing industry by purchasing racing champion Dash For Cash as well as breeding horses such as Special Effort and Streakin Six, her legacy lives on through her foundation and efforts to promote the Four Sixes brand.

Personal Life

The Burnett family story is one of hard work, determination, imagination and rugged fair play – hallmarks of Western life. Today the Burnetts maintain diverse interests that span oil and ranching activities in West Texas (Twin Peaks, Dixon Creek and 6666), southeast New Mexico and Oklahoma.

In 1917, Burnett built “the finest ranch house in West Texas” at Guthrie. It became home to President Roosevelt and Wild West star Will Rogers; at that time it was also noted for cattle and horse breeding.

Little Anne, later known as Anne Burnett Windfohr Marion, credits her ranch life with instilling some of the most essential lessons she’s ever received in terms of values she learned there. Today she serves as president of Burnett Ranches including Four Sixes Ranch and also as an accomplished oil producer, producing operations across various basins.

Net Worth

Since 1855, Four Sixes Ranch has remained an icon in Texas and an ideal setting for Hollywood-style productions. Former owner Anne Marion was an influential patron of the arts who also donated over $57 million to Fort Worth emergency centers and $10 million towards founding Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe.

Marion was greatly appreciated by her cowboys at the ranch for her leadership and active participation. As one of the first to offer staff medical benefits and retirement plans, Marion also insisted upon excellent living and working conditions that inspired generations of ranch hands to commit themselves fully to serving its mission.

Her hospitality attracted distinguished guests such as President Theodore Roosevelt and Wild West star Will Rogers, and the house was filled with hunting trophies, exquisite art works, and personal items from friends like Indian Chief Quanah Parker.

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