Burying Pronunciation

How do you pronounce burying? The English word bury is pronounced BUHR-gh. So, how do you pronounce burying? Continue reading to learn how to pronounce this English word. Using an audio dictionary will help you. There are several ways to pronounce burying. Here are a few examples. An audio dictionary can help you pronounce difficult words. If this method fails, you can try the online audio dictionary.

If you had regular spelling, bury pronunciation would be /bjU@ri/, because it only has one R after the U. Old English -y was pronounced with a short “oo”. During the late Old English period, the sound evolved into “e” and “i” in listen, bridge, and bury. However, the pronunciation in the West Midlands retained the “y”.

The pronunciation of bury can help you avoid making mistakes with this word. Bur*y can be used as both a verb or a noun. If you’re using it incorrectly, you’ll be creating a linguistic mess. Make sure you use it correctly. Here’s how:

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