C418 Net Worth

C418 Net Worth – Famous Music Producer

Daniel Rosenfeld, better known by his stage name C418, is an esteemed German musician and sound engineer best-known for his contributions to Minecraft’s soundtrack, but also released several albums of original music on Bandcamp.

This article will delve deeper into his career, personal life, current net worth and other facts about him. Continue reading to discover more of this talented individual!

Early Life and Education

Daniel Rosenfeld was born May 9, 1989 in Bezirk Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz), East Germany and is renowned for his contributions to the video game Minecraft. Through Bandcamp releases he has released many albums of music as well as working on several other popular games and films, along with owning Ghostly International Music Production Company as his music production arm.

At an early age, he began composing electronic music, taking inspiration from his brother’s Aphex Twin CDs. Later he learned to use Schism Tracker and Ableton Live software programs for composition.

C418 has been single for some time now and does not share information regarding his personal life or relationship status with anyone. Nonetheless, he is an established music producer bringing in millions of dollars through his career.

Professional Career

C418 (Daniel Rosenfeld) is an accomplished German musician and composer best known for composing the soundtrack for popular sandbox video game Minecraft, as well as contributing music for Netflix series Beyond Stranger Things and several albums of original music on his Bandcamp page.

Rosenfeld collaborated with Markus Persson, designer of Minecraft, on an unfinished project called 0x10c which never saw completion; however, in 2014 Rosenfeld released an EP containing some of his music for this venture.

In 2015, he released 148. This album contained similar novel content as 72 Minutes of Fame but more subtly concealed under verses and impacts. However, unlike its predecessor he chose not to share details regarding his wife or children on social media.

Achievement and Honors

C418 net worth is a well-established German musician and composer known for their popular electronic dance music that can be found in movies and video games. Furthermore, they own Ghostly International as music producer.

He is best-known for composing the music featured in Minecraft, an immensely popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang. He has released multiple albums of original music on Bandcamp and collaborated with game designer Markus Persson on both Minecraft and 0x10c projects.

He is married to Heidi Duckler and together they have three children. His personal life remains private; no details are shared regarding family life or lifestyle on social media platforms. His Life Path number 5, indicates resourceful ambition. In his free time he enjoys travel and music.

Personal Life

C418’s brother introduced him to music composition and they used Ableton Live for early experiments. C418 chose this name because it is “really cryptic and doesn’t really mean anything”.

After Minecraft was successful, he continued working alongside Markus Persson on other projects such as 0x10c. Additionally, he released several albums and created the theme song for Beyond Stranger Things television show.

Born May 9th 1989 in Germany. Standing at 1.72 m and 69 kg respectively. Renowned for his music featured in games like Minecraft. With many followers on his YouTube channel and as an accomplished music producer. His lifestyle remains quite simple yet focused on his work.

Net Worth

C418 is an esteemed Music Producer with an estimated net worth of $1 Million. A professional in his field, he has released multiple albums over time and collaborated closely with game designer Markus Persson on both Minecraft and 0x10c projects.

He learned how to compose using simple tools such as Schism Tracker and Ableton Live in the early 2000s, becoming best-known for composing music for popular video game Minecraft and creating the theme song for Netflix series Beyond Stranger Things.

Heidi Duckler is his wife, and they share a small family together. However, much about their personal lives has not been discussed on his social media accounts. His father is German immigrant who worked as a goldsmith in Soviet Russia; Harry Rosenfeld is his elder brother.

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