Calories In Cream Filled Doughnut

How many calories are in a cream filled doughnut? Depending on the store and location, the answer could be anywhere from 318 to nearly 500. Here are some guidelines for healthy donuts. Be aware that the number of calories and fat may vary slightly from store to store. Remember that cream-filled doughnuts are only a portion of the entire donut. Here are some tips to help you cut calories without sacrificing the taste and flavor of your doughnut.

The Original Filled Doughnut comes in Chocolate Kreme and Classic Kreme varieties. Both are glazed with a white or chocolate ring. Original filled donuts are approximately 47 calories per portion and have 36 grams of fat. They still have the same amount of protein and fiber as their counterparts. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the higher calorie content. The Original filled donut contains more calories than the vanilla or chocolate varieties.

Check out the Maple Bar’s fat content. A Maple Bar is 490 calories and 29 grams of fat, including 19 grams of saturated fat. To add more calories, some doughnut sellers top maple bars with bacon. You can find the nutrition information of maple bars on My Fitness Pal. A maple bar is a better choice if you aren’t sure what a doughnut actually contains. Using your fitness pal, you can find the right amount of calories and fat content for a doughnut.

Sugar donuts are another popular type of donut. These donuts are yeast-risen, which makes them healthier than donuts with cake fillings. They usually contain 200 calories per donut. The former is healthier but the latter is more calorie- and fat-intensive. And you should be aware of the ingredients in a cake donut, which are usually high in sugar. This donut is often glazed with additional sugar.

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