Calories In Oreo Blizzard

The size of an OREO blizzard will affect the calories. The large ones have 1140 calories, while the mini versions only have 380 calories. The choco brownie extreme blizzard is loaded with cocoa fudge and chewy brownie pieces blended with creamy vanilla soft serve. The smaller peanut butter cup blizzards have a higher fat and calories. This ice cream treat is not the worst thing that could happen to you if you are able to control your sugar intake.

A medium Oreo Blizzard contains seven hundred and fifty calories. About 58% of these calories come from fat and carbohydrates. The small M&M’s Blizzard has 640 calories and contains about six percent fat. Be aware of any food allergies before placing an order. Most fast food restaurants use shared equipment. In some cases, you can find allergens in ice cream. Make sure to ask your server if any are present.

Despite its size, the Oreo Blizzard is still one of the most caloric treats available. It contains over a thousand calories. A Mini Blizzard is much less caloric than the full-size Oreo Blizzard, but still packs a satisfying sweet punch. It is also less calorie-dense than its larger counterpart. If you want to reduce the calories in Oreo Blizzards, then try a healthier version.

The calorie content of a mini Blizzard can be low enough for a small sized child or adult. But if you’re really hungry, try to stick to the smaller size of an Oreo blizzard. Although this will satisfy a small appetite it may not be enough for your child to finish a large blob. You can indulge your child by ordering the large size. It is twice the size of the mini. Although it won’t cost you a lot, the calories in an Oreo Blizzard are high.

An Oreo blizzard may contain half the daily recommended calories. Oreos have a high sugar and fat content. Even a single Oreo can cause serious health problems such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. If you eat an entire Oreo ball, it will cost you nearly a thousand calories! This dessert is also loaded with sugar and calories!

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