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Health Risks of Ear Piercings

Getting an ear piercing has become a fashion trend, and celebrities are all getting theirs done. But, what are the health risks of getting a piercing?

Jennifer Garner

Getting a ring in your ear isn’t the only way to get your ear to listen to you. You could even go for an ear piercing. In fact, you can get a piercing at your local mall. Of course, you’ll have to pay for it. However, you’ll be rewarded with a sexy lady who knows how to keep her ear glued to her ear. This is the type of thing women swoon over, but it isn’t easy to come by.

The best thing about getting a piercing is you won’t have to worry about having to remove the studs. The studs aren’t permanent, so you can pop them out at a moment’s notice. Of course, you won’t have to worry about your ear splintering in the process. It’s also an affordable option.

Kylie Jenner

Earlier this week, the world was shocked when Kylie Jenner tweeted a video of her daughter Stormi’s newly pierced ears. In the video, Kylie is seen sitting as a technician takes a needle to the ear. She also shared a close-up of the earring. She captioned the video with a “best kisses” message.

It wasn’t long before fans noticed that Stormi had earrings and began to call out Kylie. Some even raised health concerns about baby piercings.

However, Jenner didn’t respond to the criticism. She didn’t even take it back. Instead, she went ahead and posted a video of herself trying to take her daughter’s earrings off. When Jenner is trying to remove the earrings, Stormi backs away. She was also criticized by Paris Hilton.

After the video went viral, Candace Cameron Bure was forced to defend herself. Her response was incredulous. She sounded like an ornery retiree grumbling over clickbait.

Stephanie Duggar

Getting your ears pierced isn’t the only time you’ll be treated to a good time. As you can see by reading the list of notable Duggars, some members of the clan aren’t afraid to buck the trend. In fact, Josh and Anna Duggar have a daughter Mackynzie who got her ears pierced for the aforementioned aforementioned occasion. Not to mention Jordyn Duggar got her ears pierced for her sixth birthday. With all the bling that the Duggar clan has on offer, it’s easy to see why getting your ears pierced could be the most exciting family activity around. Getting your ear touched isn’t the only thing you’ll have to contend with, as the family has a number of rules of engagement.

The most entertaining of all may be the fact that the family has been known to prank other members. This was a well publicized occasion in previous years, with the likes of Jordyn Duggar revealing his affections with the likes of the family’s newest addition.

Jojo Siwa

Earlier this week, Candace Cameron Bure and Jojo Siwa fought publicly. After Siwa posted a video on TikTok calling Bure “the rudest celebrity she’s ever met,” Bure responded in a video with a cryptic Bible verse. Bure also wrote a post on Instagram that addressed the incident directly.

Siwa wasn’t the only person upset by Bure’s comment. In a statement released Tuesday, Cameron Bure apologized for the incident. She said that it was a “disappointing” experience that left her feeling “cruddy.” She said that she felt even more “cruddy” as a mother. She also said that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at its core, but people of all “identities” will contribute to the show.

But there’s more to the story than Bure has revealed. According to Siwa, Bure ignored her when she was a child. And when Bure started dating her husband, Matt Koma, Siwa called Bure “rude” and “mean.” Siwa also has a “crush” on Miley Cyrus.

Health risks of sparkly ear piercings

Having sparkly ear piercings is not a bad thing, as long as you take care of them. However, there are a few risks involved. These include allergic reactions to the jewelry, scar tissue, and infections. So, if you’re considering having your child pierced, you’ll want to know what to look for and how to protect them from harm.

One of the most common risks of sparkly ear piercings is infection. This can happen if the earring is too tight. This can lead to the skin forming a bump, which can become infected and require surgery to remove. Fortunately, infections can be prevented with proper care.

Another risk involved with having sparkly ear piercings is scar tissue. While this is rare, it is possible to develop it if you don’t take proper care of your child’s piercings.

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