Carmen Kittens

Slinky Cat at Home – Carmen and Her Six Kittens

Two days after the library closed for construction, the director, Jennifer Ashby, discovered that one of her cats, Carmen, was pregnant. The little moggie had six kittens. The kittens were friendly and cute and spent their days in the sun. They were friendly and often found in the sun, but they also liked computers. When Carmen was about 10-12 weeks old, the kittens were weaned. Five of the kittens were adopted. Mikey, however, stayed with his mom and is now a permanent resident.

Carmen is a long-time entrepreneur, feline lover, and her business, which she started with Marina, who is now in her early teens has grown to be a successful pet-sitter. Whether you live in a neighborhood or have pets of your own, finding loving care for your cat doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. Slinky Cat at home has made Carmen’s personal struggle a business for San Diego cat lovers.

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