Carol Lynley

Carol Lynley

Carol Lynley was an American actress, model and actor. She was a child model and actress who was best known for her roles in Blue Denim and The Poseidon Adventure. Lynley also modeled for various fashion magazines and played child roles in television series. Lynley was a part of several short films in her early years. One of these was The Girl Next Door. Lynley was nominated twice for an Oscar. She became an actress and appeared in a few other films.

Born Carole Ann Jones, Lynley was raised in Manhattan, New York. Although her parents divorced when she was a young girl, her mother remained a waitress. She used her modeling income to support her family. She first appeared on television at fourteen and soon landed roles in local television shows, including The Goodyear Television Playhouse and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. She was only a teenager when she became a household name.

Carol Lynley starred in several movies, including “The Poseidon Adventure” and “The Girl Next Door.” She was also an actress and a model for many decades. Her career spanned over five decades and covered many genres, including movies and stage shows. The role she played in “The Poseidon Adventure”, a 1959 film, was her most well-known. She was nominated for a Golden Globe. Lynley played the same role in the film adaptation.

Lynley continued a prolific television career after the film’s release. She was featured in eleven episodes on Fantasy Island as well as the series Charlie’s Angels. In 2003, Lynley played Grandma Irene in “A Light in the Forest,” a film that resembled her first film. Lynley was also featured on Sylvester Stallone’s 2006 short film “Vic.”

Lynley married publicist Michael Selsman in 1960. The marriage produced one child, Jill, but they split in 1964. Lynley was involved for 18 years with David Frost, a talk-show host. She died on September 3, 2019 from a heart attack.

Lynley’s film career began with Walt Disney’s 1958 “The Light in the Forest”, in which she was a servant in 18th century Pennsylvania. Lynley’s film debut was followed by a contract from 20th Century Fox. This offered her a few small films in the following year. She acted alongside some of Hollywood’s most promising young actors in these early years.

Bunny Lake is Missing, and The Poseidon Adventure were Lynley’s most notable films. These films were her artistic high points. Despite her stunning performances, her role in the film as the dreamy girl next to was more well-known than her television roles. The Poseidon Adventure was a highly successful film, garnering several Academy Awards and a Golden Globe nomination for Lynley.

Lynley remained in showbiz for a long time. Lynley was a star in many television shows, and she played a young woman in a melodrama. She was also featured on several television series and magazine covers. She was nominated four times for Oscars. Moreover, she starred in two television movies in the 1960s: “The Cardinal” (1965) and the biopic of American sex icon Jean Harlow, titled “Harlow.”

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