Cast Of The Real

The Cast of “The Real”

If you’re a fan of “The Real,” you probably know that the cast is comprised primarily of women. The show’s five female hosts are representative of the home audience. Each host says what many women in America think. They hold candid conversations about everything from personal life to current events and pop culture. They will also discuss topics such as fashion, beauty, politics, and food.

Among the most well-known cast members are Trishelle McMillan, a member of the 2002-03 Las Vegas season. Trishelle is best known for her relationship to Steven, who was going through divorce at the time she appeared on the show. They were the most memorable housemates to appear together. Trishelle went on to model in Playboy magazine, and she competed in poker tournaments.

Apart from the above-mentioned celebrities, “The Real World’s” cast is also known for its diversity. Each cast member has a different level of sexual experience. Some of the cast members of each season are still virgins while others have been married or divorced. The cast of “The Real World,” also shares their personal experiences. Some were on a romantic date while others remained single. Some even dated women they didn’t know.

The cast of “The Real World,” also includes trans-identified women. First on the show, trans-woman Kat Cusanelli began transitioning five years before her appearance, confiding her new sexuality to her housemate JD. Cusanelli is a strong-willed cast member, even though it isn’t always easy living in Brooklyn. Here are some highlights from the cast of the show if you love it.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins was once rumored to join “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but she was unable to make an official announcement. However, Jeannie was recently welcomed as a mother to her daughter, Monaco. She has also been a sideline reporter on ABC’s Holey Moley. It will surprise you to learn that she is not the only one who has made the casting decision.

Sean Brandt was part of the cast of “The Real World” at its 10th anniversary. His character was confrontational, angry, and he has enjoyed a successful career in professional wrestling. As an added bonus, his role on the show’s cast was a good one, as he has also been on WWE’s “WWE: The Real World.”

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