Catherine Johns

Catherine Johns

Catherine Johns is a highly effective speaker who will engage your audience and empower them with the tools needed to communicate effectively. Her presentations are interactive and relatable so that every member of your team can learn.

She teaches a variety of techniques that can be applied in any situation and to any level. Her ability to connect with your audience and teach them how to present in seconds is what sets her apart.

Early Life and Education

Catherine Johnson was born on August 26, 1918 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Her father, Joshua Coleman, had a variety of jobs, including farming, odd jobs and janitorial duties.

After graduating from high school, she enrolled in West Virginia State College where she received a full scholarship covering her tuition fees, room and board. She later became a member of the faculty.

She became interested in mathematics during her studies and began teaching at the local community center. She also worked as a substitute teacher in the public schools. When she moved to Newport News, Virginia in 1952, she learned that NASA was hiring black women mathematicians.

Professional Career

Catherine John’s professional career has spanned a variety of fields. She was an educator, author and lecturer.

During her time at NASA, she worked in the Space Task Group, which helped plan the agency’s first astronaut flights. She did trajectory analysis for Freedom 7, the flight that launched Alan Shepard to the Moon, and later, for Apollo 11, which sent the first three men to orbit Earth.

She is now an associate professor of literature with a focus on African diaspora literary and cultural studies. Her research addresses philosophical issues relevant to folk culture in African American and African Caribbean contexts. She also works in classroom pedagogy and film studies. She has received teaching awards and pioneered study abroad programs to the Caribbean.

Achievements and Honors

Aside from her stellar contributions to the space shuttle and planetary exploration programs, Johnson has earned multiple accolades throughout her long and distinguished career. She was also one of three black students chosen to integrate West Virginia State College in the early 1970s. For her contributions to the scientific community, she received the NASA Distinguished Service award, the first black woman to earn this honor.

She was also selected to join the elite astronaut club. In addition to her impressive list of credentials, she has been recognized for her significant contributions to education with a number of awards and scholarships. Her dedication to education has been honored with the creation of the Catherine Johnson Scholarship Fund.

Among her many accolades, she was named a member of the College’s Class of 2020, the most prestigious and select group of students to ever have been admitted.

Personal Life

Catherine Johns is a well-known radio personality in Chicago. She is the co-owner (along with Karen Hand) of Positive Changes Hypnosis Center on Chicago’s North Side.

She is also the founder and chief clinical psychologist of The Gottman Institute, a training center for therapists who use Gottman therapy. She is also the author of several books on psychology.

She also played a significant role in NASA’s Mercury program (1961-63), where she did trajectory analysis for Freedom 7 — the spacecraft that put Alan Shepard, Jr., in space for the first time. She was a member of the NASA’s Space Task Group and authored or coauthored 26 research reports.

Net Worth

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