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Catushia Ienni Net Worth

Simon Barney has received overwhelming love and support from fans as he battles cancer. Catushia Ienni has stood by him throughout this ordeal.

Ienni is currently the National Sales Director at Universal Dealer Consultants, an auto dealer consulting and software company. Additionally, she is an entrepreneur.

Early Life and Education

Tamra Judge of Real Housewives of Orange County went on an online tirade after her contentious divorce from Simon Barney, lashing out against Catushia Ienni, his future legal stepmom of their children Sidney, Sophia and Spencer for not speaking to her or being present during child visits. However, Ienni is taking her differences with Tamra seriously: during a recent interview she shared how Simon’s cancer diagnosis brought them closer together as well as how their relationship has since been repaired between herself and Tamra.

Professional Career

Catushia Ienni is a businesswoman. She serves as National Sales Director at Universal Dealers Consultants, an auto dealer-focused software and consulting company. Catushia has worked for the firm for more than ten years.

Ienni had previously been engaged to Simon Barney, Tamra’s former husband. They divorced in 2010 following a contentious separation and post-divorce relationship that resulted in Sidney choosing her father over her mother and no longer communicating with either party.

Since Barney was diagnosed with cancer, Ienni and Barney have grown closer, while also Ienni becoming closer to Ryan as she coparents their kids alongside Tamra. Unfortunately for Ienni however, Tamra doesn’t approve of Ienni coparenting their kids without consulting first with Tamra first.

Personal Life

According to her social media profiles, Catushia Ienni works as a Business Banker in Aliso Viejo, California. While her profession may be widely known, more details about her personal life remain unknown.

Tamra Judge from Real Housewives of Orange County appears to have had enough with Catushia Ienni, Simon Barney’s current girlfriend and Catushia’s comments posted earlier this week on Nik Richie’s Instagram feed were apparently met with displeasure by Catushia Ienni.

Barney has kept his relationship with Ienni a tightly held secret, until Bravo made it public when they released Tamra’s OC Wedding reunion special. Since then he has openly acknowledged Ienni as his source of strength while fighting Stage 3 throat cancer and shared photos showing them together on social media.

Net Worth

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Simon Barney, Tamra Judge’s ex-husband, and Catushia Ienni have become more closely connected since their separation in 2010 following Sidney’s custody battle and Simon’s subsequent custody dispute over Catushia Ienni.

Ienni is employed with a consulting and software firm that caters specifically to car dealers. Additionally, she works as both model and actress and has appeared on several television shows such as Real Housewives of Orange County and Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

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