Cece Baby

Doc McStuffins Baby Get Better Cece Baby Doll

Doc McStuffins Baby Get Better Baby Cece is a doll that’s both human and toy-like. It comes with a blue plush outfit and a toy stethoscope and an otoscope. This doll also has a scrolling thermometer that Doc can use to check the baby’s temperature at any given moment.

As a three-year-old, Cece is the beloved doll of Doc’s baby sister Maya. She is 15 inches in length and weighs in at two pounds. Although the doll shares many similarities with Cece Jones, a Disney Channel character, the name refers to her. Cece wore many different outfits in “Adventures in Baby Land”. For most of the episode, Cece wore greenish-blue clothing. However, she also wore pink shirts with strawberries.

Schmidt and Cece started dating in 2011. Schmidt’s storyline in the final season of the show provided interesting insight. Although the episode was shorter than that of the first season, it still caught attention. Schmidt tells Cece he loves her and she responds, “Girl! I love you!” Schmidt’s relationship with Cece is a surprising twist in the show’s plot line, and viewers won’t soon forget about it.

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