Celebrities Skateboarding

Expertise at skateboarding can make an impressive statement and gain you some serious street cred. So it should come as no surprise that many celebrities take up this sport.

Musicians of all genres love the alternative creative energy provided by skateboarding, such as Tyler The Creator from Odd Future who credits it with helping launch his music and fashion careers.

Early Life and Education

Farrah Fawcett made history when she captured one of the most renowned photos in skateboarding history – one which helped define California-inspired skateboarding aesthetic. An avid skater herself, Farrah competed as a junior skater during her teens.

Stacy Peralta, co-founder of Powell Peralta skateboards and founding member of both Z-Boys and Bones Brigade crews, began skating as a child. His skills and influence enabled him to develop into an accomplished artist, filmmaker, and businessman.

Kyrie Irving, a star NBA player from Los Angeles, enjoys skateboarding. He often can be seen shredding around Los Angeles. Additionally, Kyrie has released his own skateboard decks and advocates strongly for skateboarding’s countercultural values.

Professional Career

Though skateboarding has evolved into a competitive sport with numerous professional athletes, its rebellious roots remain alive and kicking. Celebrities who skate have contributed immensely towards maintaining and further developing this art form; Jack Black, best known for his roles in Superbad, 21 Jump Street and Knocked Up has actively shared clips of himself skating on a mini ramp that he built himself in his backyard.

NBA star Kyrie Irving is well-known as an avid skateboarder, regularly being seen riding it around town. Fashion queen Phoebe Philo, creative director for Celine, even included one in one of her runway shows! Additionally, Heath Ledger (best known for his roles in The Dark Knight Trilogy and Joker film) was an enthusiastic skateboarder himself.

Achievement and Honors

Skateboarding fosters creativity – which explains its popularity among actors, rappers, artists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs. Tyler the Creator from Odd Future is widely recognized for revitalizing skateboard culture as an alternative to LA’s party scene; Miley Cyrus upholds cultural traditions in her music as well as through skateboarding with her friends.

Bam Margera first gained recognition through his skating abilities on Jackass, earning him a place on their crew and becoming one of the most beloved skateboarders ever. Additionally, he is an accomplished competition skater and boasts several award-winning videos under his belt.

Bob Burnquist is legendary and holds the record as the first person to successfully perform a Fakie 900 trick – truly making him one of the pillars of snowboarding today.

Personal Life

Spike Jonze is best known for directing Academy Award-winning films Adaptation and Her, but he also enjoys skateboarding – so much so that he has even produced and directed several skateboarding movies himself!

Musicians also love skateboarding; perhaps none more renowned than David Lee Roth from rock group KISS. One of his most infamous skateboarding photos shows him jumping over a tennis net with ease while exuding that coolness associated with his music.

Miley Cyrus is another well-known singer who enjoys skateboarding. In a viral video she can be seen skating dressed as a wrecking ball! Professional basketball players such as Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets have even been seen skateboarding! Skateboarding inspires creativity so it comes as no surprise that celebrities find themselves turning to their board as well.

Net Worth

Celebrity skaters have proven they can turn a profit in their sport. By winning contests and signing sponsorship contracts or even starting their own skateboarding businesses.

Tony Hawk is one of the most celebrated skateboarders to ever grace the sport, earning vast fortunes through prize money, endorsements and appearance fees he collected over his long career as well as from selling out Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game series.

Steve Rocco, Eric Koston and Andy Ward are other prominent skaters who have successfully turned their passion for skating into lucrative business ventures. Ward co-founded Mob Grip, Habitat Skateboards and Bones Bearings with an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

Ward has won numerous skateboarding competitions and currently serves on the Board of Directors at Baker Skateboards, owns shares in Brigada Eyewear and Altamont Apparel companies as well as running his own skating school in California. Furthermore, he writes articles for various publications.

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