Celebrity Skateboarders

As skateboarding becomes ever more mainstream, more celebrities have begun taking up skateboarding – from Heath Ledger (who was an accomplished skateboarder; however, his iconic photo as Joker in The Dark Knight Rises was digitally altered), Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber to name just a few.

Skateboarding remains an inspiration to creative people across multiple fields such as music, art, film and photography. Famous skateboarders include DJs, actors and entrepreneurs.

Early Life and Education

Skateboarding seems to attract an eclectic group of celebrities. No longer seen as the exclusive domain of outcasts like Dogtown’s Z-boys, skateboarding has evolved into more of an antisocial activity shared among DJs, rappers and entrepreneurs alike.

One of the best-known skateboarders, Paul Martin Rodriguez Jr, also known by his initials P.Rod, has become one of the most acclaimed competitors on his board. Over his long and distinguished career he has won multiple competitions.

Ed Wilson first became interested in skateboarding at 11 and has dedicated most of his life to supporting its industry through Telo Skateboards, which partners with youth-oriented nonprofit organizations and serves as Programs Coordinator for The Skatepark Project which coordinates various skate park projects and advocacy efforts. Additionally, Ed is an author and writes regularly for various eco-friendly real estate development firms.

Professional Career

Some celebrity skaters gain prominence through reality TV shows like Ryan Sheckler’s Life of Ryan from 2007 to 2009 or by participating in professional skating competitions, while others can use their skating talents for acting and other forms of media work.

Bam Margera first rose to fame through the Jackass movies and later his reality television show Viva-la-Bam. He boasts about having sold more skateboards than anyone else in history.

Matthew McConaughey is an avid skateboarder who can often be seen riding around Los Angeles on one. NBA superstar Kyrie Irving also enjoys skating and has posted videos showing off some impressive tricks he can perform while skating a board. Additionally, several musicians have credited skateboarding with helping their careers.

Achievement and Honors

Skateboarding celebrities have accomplished notable milestones. Danny Way is well known for his incredible airs and numerous records he’s broken; Thrasher Magazine awarded him Skater of the Year twice and featured him prominently in Nike’s first all female skate video “Gizmo”. Bob Burnquist made history when he became the first person ever to land a Fakie 900 (two and a half revolution aerial spin trick) trick while skateboarding; later being honored with induction into Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

Personal Life

There are a number of celebrities who are well-known skaters. One such celebrity is Rob Dyrdek, known for his Reality TV shows Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory as well as being part of Street League Skateboarding competition series with prize pools of up to $1.6 Million USD!

Ryan Sheckler rose to fame following the debut of his MTV reality TV show Life of Ryan in 2007. Additionally, Sheckler is an accomplished musician – having released various albums as well as being seen performing live with his guitar-skateboard combination onstage during performances.

Matthew McConaughey, actor and rapper, is another celebrity who enjoys skateboarding. Often seen gliding around Los Angeles on his skateboard, he has even tried his hand at performing tricks! NBA star Kyrie Irving also loves skateboarding.

Net Worth

Although skateboarders are sometimes misunderstood as lazy individuals, those who dedicate themselves to their craft can make substantial amounts of money through hard work and smart business decisions. Some of the wealthiest skateboarders have built fortunes through being outstanding athletes while also earning endorsements and making strategic business moves.

Chad Muska is an esteemed professional skateboarder who has amassed an estimated net worth of $16 Million. His success can be attributed to partnerships with well-recognized skateboard brands like Nike, Supra Footwear and Fourstar Skate Apparel; additionally he owns The Berrics indoor skate park as well as has stakes in several breweries.

Hudson Riley Hawk is the son of legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. Beginning to skate at an early age, he quickly set 21 Guinness World Records in skateboarding – partnering with multiple skateboard brands and creating the Street League Skateboarding contest along the way.

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