Celina Tenev

Celina Tenev – The Wife of Billionaire Vlad Tenev

Celina Tenev, wife of Bulgarian billionaire entrepreneur Vlad Tenev and mother to their toddler daughter Nora. Celina herself is also an entrepreneur having co-founded startup company Call9 and conducting tumor imaging (MRI) research at Stanford University.

Though she is an entrepreneur, she prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. She attends few public events with her husband and often joins him during his business meetings.

Early Life and Education

Vlad Tenev, a Bulgarian billionaire entrepreneur best known for co-founding Robinhood (an American financial services provider). Additionally, he is well-known as an expert high-frequency trader and low-latency software developer.

Born in Varna, Bulgaria and moving with his parents who worked for the World Bank to the US at age five. At Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County Virginia he graduated before continuing on to Stanford University for studies.

Tenev met his future wife Celina while still attending school and they have kept their personal life and children out of the spotlight since then. Spending time together early morning keeps the couple feeling refreshed throughout their day.

Professional Career

Vlad Tenev is best known as co-founder (with Baiju Bhatt) and CEO of US-based fintech services company Robinhood, which became internationally renowned when they organized an aggressive mass buy-up of GameStop shares that enabled armchair traders to make significant profit on Wall Street.

Although he is an influential business leader, he keeps his personal life confidential. In an interview with Entrepreneur, he revealed that Celina is his biggest supporter in life and work, often getting up early each morning to spend time with their daughter while helping to shape him into a better individual each day.

The couple attends various public events together. Both are avid readers, favoring classic works like Plato’s Republic and Sun Tzu’s Art of War as well as more modern authors such as Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile.

Achievement and Honors

As a leading figure in his field, Tenev has become an in-demand speaker at many events and programs, winning several entrepreneurial accolades along the way. A great source of motivation to young people today, he has spoken at numerous universities as a keynote speaker.

Tenev met his business partner, Baiju Bhatt, during college days and decided to start a finance company together. Their initial venture, Celeris, created high-frequency trading software; later they started Chronos Research offering low-latency trading software to large investment banks and trading firms.

This couple makes an excellent team and share an undeniably strong bond, having welcomed one child together and remaining very private about their personal lives. However, they have noted that spending time with their daughter early each morning helps them remain energized throughout the day.

Personal Life

Celina Tenev is an entrepreneur and the wife of billionaire Vlad Tenev. She often joins him at different public events that pertain to business matters; however, her personal life remains out of the public eye as she prefers keeping her privacy.

She is best known for co-founding Call 9, a start-up company offering emergency video visits to nursing houses. Residing in Palo Alto, California she boasts great height and measurements.

Tenev was born in Varna, Bulgaria but relocated with his family when he was five. He attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County Virginia before going on to earn a BA degree from Stanford University’s mathematics program and studying towards his Ph.D there before leaving to found Robinhood alongside Baiju Bhatt.

Net Worth

Celina Tenev, Vlad Tenev’s wife, is also an entrepreneur. In 2015 she co-founded Call 9 with Timothy Peck (an established physician at Harvard Medical School). Call 9 provides emergency video visits to nursing homes as a form of emergency response service.

Nora Tenev, their toddler daughter, brings great joy to her parents; in one interview, Vlad mentioned how spending time with Nora first thing in the morning keeps him energized throughout his day.

Vlad and Celina reside in Palo Alto, California since 2014 when they married, having one daughter together named Nora Tenev. Both parties enjoy a healthy marriage in which their relationship remains private from public scrutiny.

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