Cellist David Ying

Cellist David Ying

Cellist David Ying is a renowned chamber musician who performs internationally and serves as quartet-in-residence at Eastman School of Music. Additionally, he leads their renowned Music for All program, which gives community musicians an opportunity to learn from professional musicians.

He is a pioneer in presenting music in novel ways, such as through poetry, dance, folk music and magic. Additionally, he commissions new works through his ongoing LifeMusic initiative.

Early Life and Education

David ying, a cellist by profession, received numerous honors and awards for his music performances. He was part of the Grammy-winning Ying Quartet and currently holds faculty status at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.

David ying has made music an integral part of his life. He believes that music has the power to communicate a universal language, and encourages others to share their musical experiences with the world.

Graduate of both the Juilliard School and Eastman School of Music, Leonard Rose is grateful for his teachers – Leonard Rose, Channing Robbins, Paul Katz, Steven Doane, Robert Sylvester and Nell Novak – whom he also taught at Interlochen, Brevard Music Center and Bowdoin International Music Festival as co-artistic director and faculty member.

Professional Career

David Ying is an experienced professional with expertise in production management, lighting and staging. His portfolio includes projects across various disciplines such as digital performance, dance, music, film and theatre.

He has extensive teaching and development experience for courses across bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. He has instructed in a range of modules related to digital performance, practice-based research, technical theatre, design, scenography and marketing.

He is a pioneer in using multi-media methods to educate people about mind-body practices like Tai Chi. As certified instructor for the TaijiFit system and national coordinator of VA Community Care Network’s Tai Chi for Veterans program, he has also presented guest lectures on various aspects related to Tai Chi and meditation.

Achievements and Honors

David Ying is renowned to concertgoers around the world as the cellist of Grammy Award-winning Ying Quartet. This ensemble has earned praise for its daring approach to performance, having performed in both traditional music venues and non-traditional locations alike.

Ying has also worked as a teacher, currently serving on the chamber music faculty of Eastman School of Music in Rochester NY. He previously held teaching positions at Bowdoin International Music Festival and Interlochen as well as being named a Blodgett artist-in-residence at Harvard University.

Ying has long been involved in volunteer service to his students and the community. He was recently recognized with a President’s Volunteer Service Award from IMSA, as well as being nominated for the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.

Personal Life

David Ying is best known as the cellist of Grammy award-winning Ying Quartet. He has performed across prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and Sydney Opera House.

His ensemble has taken concert performance to new heights, performing in schools, hospitals, correctional facilities and even the White House. They’ve collaborated with renowned chamber music artists, folk musicians, actors, dancers – even Chinese chefs!

He has had the great privilege of sharing his enthusiasm for music with some remarkable students over the years, such as members of both New York Philharmonic and Utah Symphony orchestras, teachers, lawyers, and solo cellist Alisa Weilerstein.

Net Worth

Chinese investor David Ying is one of the wealthiest people in Hong Kong, according to Forbes Asia. His net worth increased by 21% to $1.6 billion for 2022 from last year due to his ownership shares in infrastructure conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings and energy drink company Celsius Holdings. Lee Shau Kee – founder of Henderson Land – remains second with a net worth of $30.3 billion though this was down 11% year-on-year at $300.3 billion.

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