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Days of Our Lives Episode 2 – Allie and Tripp Form a Love Triangle

Fans of Days of Our Lives will love the new chemistry Tripp and Chanel have as they form a romantic triangle. While the chemistry between the two characters is quite adorable, their differences do not detract from the drama. Will Horton plays Tripp in the movie. Allie is torn by the choice between the men and is unable resist the lure of Chanel. She ultimately chooses Chanel.

Johnny and Chanel are married but both men divorce their wives. Both of them were acting under the influence of the devil and Chanel must choose which one to go back to. Ultimately, she must decide which one she wants back, but not to pit Johnny and Allie against each other. While Johnny may be Johnny’s best friend, Allie is the most important person in Chanel’s life.

All this is going on, Alex is shocked to learn that Allie is actually seeing Johnny. She tries to get him back, but he refuses. Chanel has been hiding her relationship with Johnny since he was a teenager. Chad has also been avoiding him. Johnny is not a friend, but he has a crush on Chanel. He is also fascinated by Allie’s ring.

Johnny is unhappy with Chanel. He needs Johnny’s body to carry out his plans. He didn’t want to be with someone who couldn’t stand him. Allie, on the other hand, was in love with Johnny. Johnny explains his plans to Allie, saying that the Devil forced him to dump her. Although Johnny and Allie were able to kiss, they never had the chance of sleeping together.

Allie and Chanel partied hard in London nightclubs and bars. However, when Chanel left, things went sour. Tripp Johnson had planned to approach Allie. Chanel surprised her by surprising her with a kiss. But now that Chanel has left, things have become rocky and awkward. How will they get back together? Who will get their trust? Only time will tell.

Chanel still loves Johnny, but it is not clear whether she will stay with him. The truth is, she still has feelings for Allie and is torn between the two. But she is also concerned that she might lose her new girlfriend to Johnny’s brother. However, she will have to choose between the two. She may choose to remarry Johnny and move on with Allie. This will make her feel the best person possible for Johnny.

On Days of Our Lives, Allie Horton will talk to Marlena Evans about Chanel Dupree. Ron Carlivati suggested that Allie is hiding her feelings for Chanel. The show is therefore avoiding this plot point. Now she must face her twin brother. If she doesn’t accept that she is gay, she could get in trouble with her brother.

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