Charlene Lindstrom

Charlene Lindstrom – A Beautiful and Attractive Young Lady

Don Swayze, brother of actor Patrick Swayze, wed Charlene Lindstrom Lehman on June 26, 2014. Lindstrom is a professional dancer and the founder of Recreation USA Now; she holds both American citizenship and Christian beliefs.

Lindstrom prefers to keep her life private and is also an established theatre actress.

Early Life and Education

Charlene Lindstrom hails from the United States and holds American citizenship. She practices Christianity and remains unknown about her parents or siblings.

Lindstrom established Recreation USA Now, which specializes in gymnastics, soccer, dance and arts programs for both children and adults. She is also an accomplished theatre actress and attended De Anza College.

She married American actor Don Swayze in a private ceremony with only family and close friends present; to date they do not have any children together.

Lindstrom is an attractive young lady with striking brown eyes and light brown hair, who leads a healthy lifestyle as an experienced professional dancer. Lindstrom prefers keeping her personal details confidential; therefore she has not disclosed the measurements and details about herself publicly.

Professional Career

Lindstrom has been a professional dancer and is also the founder of Recreation USA Now, an institute specializing in gymnastics, soccer, dancing and the arts for both children and adults alike. Lindstrom married Don Swayze in a private ceremony that was attended by close family and friends.

Lindstrom and her husband both enjoy horseback riding, and she also supports her father’s foundation that helps animals with special needs. She hails from White ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Her husband is an incredible actor who has graced many classic films such as Death Ring and Body of Influence from the late 1990s; Carnivale (2010); Young and Restless (2011) and Sons of Thunder (2010) to name just a few.

Achievement and Honors

Lindstrom, an elegant and beautiful young lady, is an accomplished professional dancer. Her natural charm is enhanced by her light brown eyes which add to her charm. Lindstrom and Don Swayze were married in a private ceremony held only for close family and friends of both parties in 2014.

Recreation USA Now was established by Lindstrom. She received a De Anza College diploma and began acting professionally as well. Lindstrom, known by most for being Ken’s widower before his passing away in 2008, currently resides in California with two daughters from her first marriage; and was recently honored with the Humboldt County NAMI Breakout Award for Mental Health.

Personal Life

Charlene Lindstrom is an attractive young lady with light brown hair and captivating brown eyes. A professional dancer, Lindstrom is also founder of Recreation USA Now as well as theatre actress. In 2014 she married Don Swayze in a private church ceremony only family and close friends were present for. Unfortunately they do not yet have children together.

Charlene Lindstrom Lehman was born in the United States and holds American nationality. Her religion of choice is Christianity.

Lindstrom’s husband, Don Swayze was previously married to Marcia Swayze and together had one daughter, Danielle Swayze born 8 April 1988. However, after their separation in 1993 he played Pug in an episode of Street Hawk with moderate acting skills and average appearance.

Net Worth

Lindstrom found love again following her brother Patrick Swayze’s pancreatic cancer death and married Don Swayze in June 2014. Theirs has been an enduring relationship ever since.

She is the founder of Recreation USA Now and an accomplished dancer who has amassed an estimated fortune worth an estimated of over $120 Million dollars over her long career.

Charlene Lindstrom Lehman hails from America and practices Christianity as her faith. Unfortunately, neither of her parents or siblings is known; she prefers keeping a low profile when it comes to family matters. Lindstrom sports light brown hair with striking brown eyes; standing 5ft 8inches she boasts excellent body measurements such as height, weight, chest, waist hip size dress size shoe size measurements but has yet to disclose them publicly.

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