Charletta Thomas

Charletta Thomas

Charletta Thomas came from modest means, yet always believed in herself. She made hard efforts at work – initially as a bookkeeper for McDonald’s before eventually rising to become the manager – encouraging employees to use its education benefits.

Equitrans Midstream CEO Thomas Karam will step down and be replaced by Chief Operating Officer Diana Charletta on January 20, 2024.

Early Life and Education

Charletta Thomas was born May 18, 1944 in Wichita, Kansas to Nathaniel Richie and Marcella Howell and raised within a Christian home environment.

At three, she began playing the viola with instruction from her parents and music lessons provided. Later, she attended college where she continued studying music.

Through her career, she has written many articles and books. Additionally, she has been an inspirational speaker and workshop leader, appearing in Early Childhood Today, Parenting Magazine and National Head Start Association’s magazine. Most recently she published Plato: An Analects (published 2019). Currently she is working on Thucydides; living in Louisiana.

Professional Career

Charletta Thomas rapidly advanced through the ranks of the energy industry, beginning as a roustabout and eventually earning her engineering license. Her career path eventually led her to EQT where she eventually served as vice president for gas management and transportation before being promoted to senior vice president of midstream operations in 2017.

Thomas sees herself as an advocate for higher education, and takes great pleasure in encouraging her colleagues to put themselves forward for academic pursuits. For instance, when one MacLaff crew member showed up at orientation without having completed high school education she assisted the individual enroll in a free high school equivalency program.

With a servant’s heart, she and her husband recently agreed to open A Place at Home – Lafayette where she will help seniors live out their lives with dignity and grace in their own homes.

Achievement and Honors

Charletta Thomas has achieved many honors throughout her lifetime. She was honored as an Outstanding Graduate by many academic departments and programs based on criteria including grades, research writing ability, community service commitment, promise for future success, etc.

She was also awarded a NOAA Hollings scholarship, which enabled her to cover tuition and internship costs at a NOAA facility. Here she contributed studies examining sample collection methods and computer modeling of ocean chemistry.

Thomas has also published work in Scribendi, a student journal published by the Western Regional Honors Council that solicits poetry, short fiction, foreign language articles, and visual art from students across Western Region Honors Council regions. Thomas’s piece was chosen for inclusion in 2012 – an impressive accomplishment by any student!

Personal Life

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Cha was well known to her family and friends. She enjoyed spending time with her nieces and nephews and crafting delicious chicken salad dishes. A member of St. Stephens COGIC, Cha served faithfully as part of Elders Ministers Deacons (EMD) Wives Circle under Bishop Thomas and Mother Thomas.

At present, she and her husband are working in Lafayette community at A Place at Home-Lafayette to assist elderly with dignity and grace as they age. They strive to make an impactful difference while fulfilling their roles as servants and leaders for years. For over 20 years they have lived there.

Net Worth

As President and COO of Equitrans Midstream Corporation, she earned an annual compensation of $2,138,467 which consisted of salary of $450,000 plus stock awards worth $878,811 plus other earnings plans or compensation totaling over $765,000. Since 2018, she made over five trades of ETRN stock worth over $1243,277 totalling to an aggregate value of more than $1243,277.

Alonzo Kelly has been arrested in Portland, Oregon on a warrant charging him with first-degree murder of Tulsa businesswoman Charletta Thomas in 2016. Thomas’ siblings say they hope this arrest honors their sister while also encouraging those in abusive relationships to seek help.

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