Charli Damelio Blue Hair

Charli D’Amelio Reveals Her New Blue Hair Color

When Dixie D’Amelio opted to change her short crop into uniform waves, she immediately drew comparisons to Halsey’s debut album look. Charli’s hair is teal-tinted, while Dixie’s is a classic hot topic blue. Though Charli’s color is more popular, Dixie’s is getting some attention on TikTok.

D’Amelio isn’t the first to dye her hair blue. However, she has made a bold move and only dyed the front two layers. By doing so, she has achieved a unique, more laid-back look. Her blue hair looks great with her cropped croptop, which she wore loosely in the front. This style is a great match for her YouTube channel as it highlights her natural beauty.

Charli D’Amelio debuted her new blue hair color on Thursday, sharing a timelapse video with her followers. Greta Veshta was the celebrity stylist who colored her hair. To protect her skin, she wore a mask. Although it sounds dangerous, the process was painless. The result is striking blue.

YouTube has seen a huge hair-change in response to the actress’s new look. The new look of TikTok’s star has gone viral. It has been a trend for over a month now. The actress, who has over three million followers on Facebook, also showed off her pink hair in a video. Madonna and Dua Lipa have also tried the pink hair look. D’Amelio chose a brighter shade.

Aside from revealing the result of her surgery on her face, D’Amelio also revealed that she has a new nose and has been recovering from bruises under her eyes. She hopes to talk about her experience in a vlog on her YouTube channel. The future is uncertain for the actress. This is only the beginning of her journey. If her new look is any indication, it’s time for you to get ready!

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