Chen Lihua

Chen Lihua – China’s Richest Woman and Philanthropist

Self-made billionaire Chen is well known for both her business acumen and charitable efforts; in 2004 alone she donated 265 million yuan to disaster relief efforts while in 2005 another 130 million was given.

Fu Wah International Group, owned by her and located in Beijing’s most iconic commercial properties such as Chang An Club, are currently under her leadership. Additionally, she operates China Red Sandalwood Museum.

Early Life and Education

Lihua Chen has quickly become one of China’s premier actresses thanks to her acting ability in multiple genres from drama to action and romance, making her one of the most in-demand celebrities. Being fluent in English, French and Japanese allows her to immerse herself into roles internationally.

Lihua Chen was born into Manchu royalty at Beijing’s Summer Palace; however, due to the collapse of Manchu Qing Dynasty her family became impoverished; leading Lihua out of school and into starting her furniture repair business.

Later in the 1980s, she traveled to Hong Kong in order to hone her business acumen before returning home and founding Fu Wah International Group as a real estate company that undertakes residential housing projects.

Professional Career

With an obedient attitude and dedication to her work, Chen rose from nothing to become one of China’s most acclaimed businesswomen. Today she serves as head of Fu Wah International Group in Beijing as well as owning numerous property ventures.

She owns an extensive collection of sandalwood art and is an active philanthropist, giving substantial donations towards disaster relief and poverty alleviation programs.

Starting from nothing, Chen has achieved great success and inspired other women. She is now an Academy member of Chinese Social Sciences as well as teaching at several universities; her areas of research include supply chain logistics finance, service operation management and hi-tech park development management. Furthermore, Chen serves as non-executive independent director at China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited.

Achievement and Honors

Chen has earned widespread critical acclaim throughout her career from prominent film critics for her nuanced performances of complex characters that have left an imprintful mark in cinematic landscape. Additionally, her charitable endeavors are noteworthy, supporting initiatives focused on social justice and environmental conservation.

Through fan events and social media, she has made it her priority to engage with her fans and bring joy into their lives. Her compelling, compassionate voice has touched and empowered countless lives around the globe.

Not content to merely be an actress, Chen has leveraged her wealth to enrich lives through various business ventures. Of particular note is Bloomage Biotechnology – an industry leader for microbiome fermentation technology.

Personal Life

She is an advocate for gender equality, encouraging women to embrace their strength and power. Through philanthropy she has provided support for initiatives which combat human trafficking.

Fu Wah International Group, one of Beijing’s premier real estate developers, and tourism, electronics, and international trade efforts are among her business ventures.

Chen is well known for her charitable works and has made significant donations to disaster relief efforts. Additionally, she founded and funded China Red Sandalwood Museum which covers an area of 100,000 square meters as well as providing sandalwood artwork to museums worldwide. A firm believer of “Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight,” Chen has always strived hard towards reaching her goals through hard work.

Net Worth

Chen Lihua, founder of Fu Wah International Group in Beijing and commercial real estate developer with an estimated net worth of $7.5 billion is considered China’s richest woman with her net worth estimated at over $8.4 billion. Initially starting off her career in furniture maintenance business before venturing overseas in search of real estate and trading opportunities in Hong Kong.

She also chairs Office Education Technology, a test preparation firm which recently achieved backdoor listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and offers training to both teachers and public servants across China.

As well as being a successful entrepreneur, she serves as curator for China’s largest red sandalwood museum. Born January 1st 1941 and currently aged 82 years old; her zodiac sign is Capricorn (The Sea Goat). Additionally, she hails from a Manchu Qing dynasty descendant family.

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