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Chimbala Wiki – Facts About Rapper Leury Jose Tejeda Brito

Leury Jose Tejeda Brito, commonly referred to by his stage name chimbala is an influential Dominican rapper and an esteemed member of urban music scene.

The rapper had an outstanding upbringing that has contributed significantly to his current success. His parents have always been supportive of his dreams and goals.

Early Life and Education

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Chimbala, a Dominican rapper best known for his hits Tan Celoso and Maniqui, began his career under the tutelage of veteran producer Carlos Bautista since 2012.

Chimbala has worked with some of the most well-known artists in reggaeton such as El Alfa. A big supporter of this genre, he strives to represent it faithfully through songs such as Mannequin on YouTube which has over 18 Million views; its single has gained him notoriety both in Europe and Latin America and also through tours.

Professional Career

Chimbala began his career back in 2012 and has seen remarkable advancement since. A talented rapper, Chimbala is recognized as one of the primary practitioners in Latin America of Dembow style rap music. Chimbala has worked alongside prominent artists like La Materalista, El Alfa, Mozart La Para, Jose Reyes and Don Miguelo among many others.

At present, he’s an immensely popular performer who draws crowds of adoring fans at every show he gives. Passion for music appears to be at the core of his success story.

Chimbala is a Dominican rapper best known by his stage name Leury Jose Tejeda Brito and performer in urban music genre. Known for songs “Tan Celoso” and “Maniqui,” his music production takes place under supervision of veteran producer Carlos Bautista.

Achievement and Honors

Chimbala has made waves as one of the leading Dominican rappers and earned numerous acclaim and awards, becoming one of the best representatives for Dembow music. He enjoys an enormous fan following while remaining free from any controversy or scandals.

Chimbala returned to urban music at the end of 2016 with “Tamo Burlao”, which has already amassed over seven million views on YouTube in only two months. Chimbala is best known for his collaborations with La Materalista and Mozart La Para.

Chimbala has chosen his life path number 7 as this indicates self-introspection and awareness. He maintains a positive outlook and works diligently towards reaching his goals.

Personal Life

Chimbala was born May 18, 1991 (age 32) in Dominican Republic and has become one of the best-known Celebrity Rappers, famed for his songs Tan Celoso and Maniqui.

He has collaborated with other musicians such as Mozart La Para and Jose Reyes since making his mark on the music scene in 2012.

Fans and followers would surely like to get an insight into his personal life, including his dating status; however, the rapper has kept this information private.

This musician has an endearing personality with captivating Black eyes and hair. His toned figure looks attractive in every post he shares on social media; he is dedicated and hardworking artist, while his life path number (71) makes him introspective person who likes exploring themselves both mentally and spiritually.

Net Worth

Chimbala stands 5 feet 7 inches and maintains a healthy body weight. An aspiring musician, Chimbala has established himself in the music industry with notable successes across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms – drawing an enormous fan base that spans across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube alone.

Dominican rapper Tan Celoso is best known for his songs such as Tan Celoso and Maniqui. Additionally, he has collaborated with musicians/bands such as Mely Mel and Mozart La Para.

Leury Jose Tejeda Brito was born 18 May 1991 and currently stands 32 years old. Known by his real name of Leury Jose Tejeda Brito, he began recording and publishing music under this moniker in 2012. Since 2012 he has enjoyed great success as an entertainer; numerology indicates this to be his Life Path Number 7. Those with this number tend to experience greater self-exploration as part of their quest.

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