China Adams

China Adams

Adams’ Nixon in China with its librettists Alice Goodman and Peter Sellars brought recent political history onto the operatic stage.

Adams transforms junk mail into delicately crafted objects that both subvert and enhance modernist aesthetic. Each object represents the artist; thus acting both as self-portrait and social document simultaneously.

Early Life and Education

China Adams is a multidisciplinary artist whose work blends written documentation with object making. Her large scale drawings explore the relationship between art and document; her selection of materials frequently used repurposed ones.

Adams is an innovative composer renowned for his orchestral works including Shaker Loops for string ensemble, Harmonium featuring poetry by John Donne and Emily Dickinson set to music, Grand Pianola Music which revisits early 20th-century American popular music, Wound-Dresser for baritone with orchestra as well as Nixon in China and The Death of Klinghoffer operas which have been performed widely and recorded.

Her work often explores materialism and its notion that objects can convey meaning. She frequently employs the figure of Rumpelstiltskin to increase commodity values of household detritus by turning it into beautiful art objects.

Professional Career

Adams has played for the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic of the NBA and currently for Xinjiang Flying Tigers of China’s Basketball Association. Known for his high basketball IQ and tough play style, Adams is well known.

Modernism’s alchemical transformation of trash to treasure was first made famous by Braque and Picasso through papier colle, followed by Duchamp through readymades. China Adams continues this legacy by using household and office debris to craft whimsical yet refined sculptures that combine humor with sophistication.

Her approach to trash is deeply personal; its imagery depicts both herself and other individuals that could identify with her work. Close observation would reveal her address or initialed agreement for money management contract as well as other significant pieces of data about herself that could shed more light into her representation and raise questions about our need to acquire possessions and consume information.

Achievement and Honors

China Adams is a multidisciplinary artist whose works blend written documentation with object creation. Utilizing various materials – often recycled ones – she utilizes her large scale drawings as an examination of art vs document.

Talented musician, he has written compositions for orchestra (Short Ride in a Fast Machine), chamber ensembles (Shaker Loops), chorus (On the Transmigration of Souls), solo instruments and opera (Nixon in China and Doctor Atomic). For his efforts he received many honorary doctorate degrees as well as several awards including the Pulitzer Prize and six honorary doctorates.

He has held various leadership roles including music director of the Cabrillo Festival, artistic associate with the San Francisco Symphony and creative chair for Los Angeles Philharmonic. Furthermore, he is highly sought-after as a conductor who has created programs to bring new audiences to classical music.

Personal Life

China Adams epitomizes all of the hallmarks of an American dreamer – self-reliance, ambition, ingenuity and an interest in learning – while having both courage and resilience to face life’s inevitable adversities head-on.

Be it through recycling junk mail, creating sculptures in honor of the American flag, or creating meditations on time and space, her works reveal an intricate anthropological perspective on taboos, stigmas and consensus-building. Her humor often lies at the core of her art practice while its elegant formal economy makes it stand out among other conceptual art practices. Crafting is her passion reminiscent of modernism’s alchemical transformation of trash into treasure while her use of inexpensive materials echoes Jasper Johns’ White Flag series.

Net Worth

Adams has amassed an estimated net worth of $60 Million thanks to her work in both television and film industries. As an actress, Adams has enjoyed tremendous success, and it is anticipated that she will continue making money well into the future.

Adams first started playing poker at the dawn of Moneymaker, in 2003. Since then he has primarily focused on cash games but has also amassed 46 live tournament cashes.

Adams has appeared on various poker shows and competed against some of the best poker players, such as Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan and Antonio Esfandiari. In 2007 he took on 2003 WSOP Main Event runner-up finisher Sammy Farha in a high stakes Pot Limit Omaha heads-up challenge that he ultimately won and collected $2.395 Million as his reward.

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