Chinoiserie Rug

Add a Traditional Touch to Your Home With a Chinoiserie Rug

If you want to add a traditional look to your home, consider a chinoiserie rug. This rug is hand-woven and has a natural silk fiber that creates luster. Some rugs are woven with high knot counts, such as 100 or 150. This level of detail can take months or even years of manual labor. Moreover, a chinoiserie rug will not only add to the beauty of your home, but will also make it a conversation piece among guests.

In chinoiserie rugs, dragons are a very popular motif. These powerful Chinese symbols are associated with good luck and peace. The dragon, which is ranked first among all mythical creatures, is also associated with abundance and relief. Dragons are also featured in rugs, apart from the phoenix. Many chinoiserie rugs feature dragons as their motifs. They are often designed in a maximalist style.

The 17th century is when Europeans started to incorporate elements of Chinese design into their designs. This is where the term chinoiserie was born. The term “chinoiserie” translates to “Chinese-esque,” referring to the way in which it attempts to emulate Asian cultural design without paying homage to the unique artistic traditions of Asia. The design style was also influenced by influential tastemakers. King Louis XIV, for example, was inspired by a piece of china in 1670, and his expanded trade opened the door for the creation of the Trianon de Porcelaine in Paris. Europeans also began using fanciful furniture from the Chinese.

The Chinoiserie motif, despite its traditional origins is still very popular. The soft, muted colours of this rug will suit a variety of rooms. This style is very adaptable. You can mix and match with different accessories to fit your decor. These rugs are a great choice for a bedroom, game room, or listening room. They will add a timeless touch to any room. If you’re decorating a bedroom, a traditional Chinese peking rug is a great option.

Tapis Rouge Chinoiserie was inspired by sketches made by Chinese artisans in the Ningxia region. The original geometric and symbolic principles of the Tapis Rouge Chinoiserie rug collection have been preserved. However, modern colors and compositions have been added to suit contemporary tastes. Its neutral colors and traditional design make it a great choice for any decor. There is a chinoiserie rug for everyone, no matter what your preference.

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