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Melissa Hutchinson (she/hers pronouns) is an American photographer and entrepreneur best known for her fashion-related Instagram posts on social media. Additionally, she has worked as a model and is mother of Aidan Hutchinson.

Hutchinson attended Michigan from 1989-1992 and started 39 games for them; wearing jersey number 97 with tri-captaincy status his senior year.

Early Life and Education

Chris Hutchinson has worked tirelessly for his success and can take great pride in having accomplished it. Now an award-winning writer with a worldwide fan following and earning quite a considerable sum from writing skills alone, Chris’ dedication has paid off in spades.

Hutchinson attended Cypress Creek High School in Texas before enrolling at the University of Michigan where he played defense in 39 games for them under Bo Schembechler, becoming team tri-captain during his senior season and helping them win their inaugural Rose Bowl victory.

He and Melissa have three children together – Mia, Aria, and Aidan – and currently reside in Beaumont Hospital’s emergency room as physicians. He attributes his U-M education and football career with being where he is today without these experiences.

Professional Career

Hutchinson served the Michigan Wolverines from 1989-1992 as a defensive tackle, despite his small stature (6-foot-2 and 249 pounds). However, his technique and competitive spirit made up for any size disadvantage; Hutchinson earned first team All-American honors that year while winning both the Dick Katcher and Meyer Morton awards as well as being named three times Academic All-Big Ten selection.

He now practices emergency room medicine, having used his football career to cultivate an exceptional work ethic and learn how to deal with pressure effectively.

He is married to Melissa Hutchinson, a professional photographer specializing in artistic style and feminine portraiture photography. They have one child together named Aidan who plays defensive end for Michigan Wolverines; together since 1995.

Achievement and Honors

At Michigan, Hutchinson earned both team captain and All-American status; additionally he was honored with both the Dick Katcher and Meyer Morton Awards for his achievements from 1989 until 1992.

Hutchinson currently plays for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League and sports jersey number 97. Known for his exceptional defensive performances, he has made several key plays – 9.5 sacks to be exact!

Hutchinson also enjoys his private life immensely; he is married to Melissa, an award-winning fashion photographer specializing in creative style and female likeness photography, who shares his creative aesthetic and has given them Aidan. Together they enjoy lavish living conditions with an expansive network of friends.

Personal Life

Melissa Hutchinson is a creative photographer specializing in women’s likeness and beauty; they share one son, Aidan Hutchinson who plays defensive end for Michigan Wolverines football team.

Hutchinson made the decision to pursue medicine after taking an anatomy class as a sophomore at Michigan. Although initially delaying entry into medical school so he could play professional football, receiving a tetanus shot during rookie camp caused a hypersensitive reaction that led him back into medicine school.

Now residing in Plymouth, Mich. with his wife and their son, he owns 2,254 shares of Varian Medical Systems stock worth $37,270 as of December 15, 2023. Additionally, he serves as part-time writer/business coach to aspiring entrepreneurs; receiving multiple awards and recognition for his efforts.

Net Worth

Zoey Marie Hutchinson was his princess, and he would do anything for her. He enjoyed fishing, vacationing, camping and visiting beaches as well as riding motorcycles and dirt bikes. Additionally he worked in construction/carpentry as well as snow plow services provided by Somerville Town Council.

From 1989-1992, he played 39 games for Michigan wearing jersey 97 with lettered numbering and served as tri-captain during his senior campaign. Additionally, he helped Michigan win its only Rose Bowl title ever that season!

The Texans have begun playing him more and more frequently, giving him an edge if Robert Woods doesn’t re-sign and John Metchie III doesn’t impress this season. Currently he takes 7-12 snaps per game.

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