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Chris Pratt’s Name Trended on Twitter After a Fake Tweet

‘Chris is the worst Chris,’ and ‘All the Miss America contestants are super skinny.’ ‘Chris is a racial slur,’ and ‘Chris is a polarizing figure.’ These are some of the things that have been thrown out there in the media about Chris Pratt.

‘Chris is the worst Chris’

Earlier this week, Chris Pratt’s name trended on Twitter after a fake tweet emerged. The tweet was alleged to contain a racial slur. It also allegedly poked fun at Miss Universe contestants’ weight. The tweet was later refuted. However, Twitter has taken steps to combat the spread of false information. It blocked an article from the New York Post that alleged that Pratt made offensive tweets.

Pratt has been accused of making racist tweets and slurs in the past. He has also been criticized for his membership in a church that promotes anti-LGBT policies. He has also been criticized for his ties to President Trump. Although Pratt hasn’t stated that he supports any presidential candidates, many users have accused him of supporting Donald Trump.

Chris Pratt has been the target of a viral tweet that labels him the worst of four Chrises. In response, his Marvel castmates have defended him. In addition, a director from his film, Avengers: Endgame, defended him.

‘Chris is a polarizing figure’

Having starred in two blockbusters, Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt is one of the most bankable actors of all time. Yet, he has also become a target for internet mockery. He is a popular box office draw, but he has been dragged into controversy twice, over ordinary things and politics.

The most recent controversy began when a fake tweet with a racial slur resurfaced. While Pratt’s rep denied the tweets were real, many people viewed it as an example of his tone deafness.

Pratt’s Twitter page has two tweets that are still up. One features a photo of a Bank of America pen with the text “Made in China.” The other uses the n-word twice. In addition, the tweet makes a bad pun about Hungary. These tweets are not the best examples of tweets.

Pratt has also received criticism for his anti-LGBT church affiliation. He has talked about changing his body in public, in interviews.

‘Chris is a racial slur’

Earlier this week, two tweets from Chris Pratt’s Twitter account circulated, using racist language. The actor denies sending them, and has since refuted them. In addition, his castmates have defended him. However, the tweets have received a mixed reaction.

The clip was re-tweeted over the weekend and quickly went viral. It appeared to be a set-up, and Twitter spokespeople say it is likely fake. But Chris Pratt’s reps told TMZ that the tweets weren’t deleted.

The incident was handled poorly by the NBA and the Clippers. They said that he was not treated as a second-class citizen, but that it was unfortunate he used such a slur. But the league and Clippers have not issued an apology.

The incident is a reminder of how toxic masculinity in the radical right can be. It also underscores the power of forgiveness. After all, there are people who do less than Harrell and are left with tattered reputations. That doesn’t explain the use of slurs like these, but it does highlight the way that the heat of battle can cloud our understanding.

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