Chris Smoove Net Worth

Chris Smoove Net Worth

Chris Smoove has 5.09 million YouTube subscribers, has an extensive collection of video games, and earns extra money through sponsorship deals. His net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. In addition to his video game collection, he also manages a brand called Chris Smoove, which specializes in video game clothing and accessories. He promotes his products via Instagram, and some of his products have been selling like hotcakes.

chris smoove has 5.09 million subscribers on YouTube

Chris Smoove has a massive following on YouTube. The 37-year-old American is known for his NBA 2K, NFL, and FIFA gameplay videos. Many refer to him as the “godfather” of NBA 2K. He has also branched out into gaming commentary, and has uploaded walkthroughs of multiple story-based video games.

Chris McMillan started his YouTube channel in 2006, and posted his first video on the site in February 2008. Since then, he’s continued to upload gaming videos and added voiceovers and commentary. His videos have received several accolades, including the “Millennium Play” button from YouTube. He also regularly streams games on Twitch and has collaborated with many brands and sports stars.

he has a big collection of video games

Video game enthusiast Chris Smoove has an extensive video game collection. He plays video games on his YouTube channel and has over two million subscribers. He also has a large number of fans on Twitter and has a substantial number of followers on Instagram. This video game enthusiast has an extensive video game collection and has been creating videos featuring NBA and MLB athletes. Besides playing games on his channel, Chris also enjoys watching sports. His Instagram is filled with snippets of NBA and MLB games.

Smoove first joined YouTube to watch videos of girls shaking their booties, and soon realized he had something to offer. He made his first video game tutorial, an introduction to NBA 2K in February 2008, and soon after that created his own channel. At first, Smoove did not get very many views on his channel.

Aside from making video game reviews, Chris Smoove also collaborates with several prominent YouTube gamers. He has appeared in videos about NBA 2K, Call of Duty Black Ops II, and Spider-Man. He has also created numerous walkthroughs for multiple story-based video games.

he has a vegan diet

Chris Smoove is an American actor and comedian. He is a vegan. In 2015, Smoove began following a vegan diet. His new diet has many benefits. He says it has boosted his energy level and improved his body composition. He also credits the new diet for his slim and healthy physique.

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