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Artist Profile – Ciara Phelan

If you are interested in creating unique and beautiful collages, then you should look into Ciara Phelan’s work. She is a freelance illustrator and textile designer based in east London. She specializes in vintage ephemera, and her work has been featured in Oprah Magazine and Volcom. She creates vibrant and unique collages using ephemera from a wide variety of sources.


Ciara Phelan is an illustrator and textile designer based in London, UK. Her work combines digital collage with textile materials to create vibrant, textured illustrations. She is a fan of vintage ephemera and pattern, and fuses these items together to create interesting, vibrant images. She has created work for a variety of subjects, including children’s books, fashion, and advertising.

Phelan uses Illustrator and other design programs to create collages. The collages she creates are usually commercial advertisements for large companies. The images are often based on the stereotypes and burdens of women. Ciara’s work is inspired by her background in collage art, including textile design, as well as her passion for ephemera.

Ciara Phelan is a freelance illustrator and textile designer from east London. She is also co-founder of the artist agency Grand Matter, which specializes in illustration, art direction, and set design. She was trained as a graphic designer and has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2009. She has collaborated with clients such as Oprah Magazine and Volcom, as well as her own side projects.

Textile designer

Ciara Phelan is an illustrator and textile designer who works with vintage ephemera and digital media. Her work is vibrant and colorful, and she likes to mix various media together. She has created designs for Volcom and Oprah Magazine. Her work is based on her love for vintage objects.

Ciara Phelan is one of the founding members of the artist agency Grand Matter, co-founder of diversity platform Agents for Change, and board director of the Association of Illustrators. In addition, she is a highly successful mixed-media collage artist, and her work has been commissioned by prestigious institutions and publications. She also works on self-initiated side projects.

Ciara Phelan’s textile designs are influenced by vintage imagery and textile designs. Her illustrations are bold, yet delicate and feminine. She merges abstract shapes with vintage images to create a unique look. Her work is subtle yet evocative, yet it’s also vibrant and tropical.

Co-founder of agents for change

Ciara Phelan is a London-based textile designer and illustrator. She has worked with brands like Sony and the New York Times. Her work reflects a love for textile patterns and vintage ephemera. She uses both digital and analog media to create her vibrant illustrations. She is currently working on a company that promotes ethical lifestyle choices.

Ciara Phelan is co-founder of illustration agency Grand Matter and a member of the artist diversity platform Agents for Change. In addition, she is also a Board Director of the Association of Illustrators. Her career spans illustration, art direction, set design, and design. She has worked with brands like the V&A and Vogue, and she has also worked on her own projects.

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