Cis Sandbox

Become a CIS Sandbox Tutor

If you’re a student interested in computer information systems, you may have heard of the CIS Sandbox. This social learning space provides students with a hands-on, collaborative environment to learn the latest technology. The CIS Learning and Technology Sandbox has four tables with large monitors and a variety desktop computers, Google TV, and xBox. It gives students the tools they need to make their own decisions and ask questions.

CIS Sandbox uses a ticketing system to make tutoring easier for students. Students fill out an online form to request a tutor, indicate the time they would like to meet, and the software automatically routes the request to the appropriate tutor. The student will be contacted by the tutor who was first contacted. Assistants are available for students who prefer one-on-one tutoring. As an assistant, you’ll assist students with class assignments and help faculty with tech-related questions.

CIS Sandbox tutors and sponsors work with students on a short-term project. Students will be working with professionals in a variety of fields, from engineering to media. They will interact with students in tutoring and social learning. CIS Sandbox is currently recruiting sponsors for Fall 2022. Please consider participating in this exciting program today. It’s a great way to make the most of your time as a Bentley student.

CIS Sandbox is a collaborative learning lab at an American university. The students in the lab developed an activity called Crunch Sessions to help their peers understand information technology. The activity was created by students and aims to show characteristics of peer tutoring such as how to use social media and Internet-based collaboration tools in a blended learning environment. The students in the lab then volunteered to help their peers. The CIS Sandbox tutors described the benefits of using social media as a part of a blended learning environment.

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