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Clare Crawley Net Worth

Clare Crawley is an American television personality and a hairstylist. She was the lead on the 16th season of ABC’s The Bachelorette and a runner-up on the 18th season of The Bachelor. She has also appeared on the Bachelor Winter Games and Bachelor in Paradise seasons one and 2. Clare is a big fan of hair and makeup and has done several commercials featuring her own designs.

After a year off, Clare Crawley has announced her candidacy to become the next Bachelorette. Many are wondering how the show will cast Clare Crawley. She previously stated that she doesn’t regret being a hairdresser and isn’t ashamed of it. She also said that she doesn’t like tattooed men. She is actually more interested in women who love their hair.

Clare Crawley is yet to disclose her net worth but it is estimated that it is around $800,000. While her salary as a hairstylist remains the foundation of her wealth, there are other income sources as well. She has made an occasional income from the Bachelor franchise, but her biggest sources of income have been her brand endorsements and Instagram deals. She can expect to make more money if she can keep her popularity in her field.

Since the age of 16, Clare Crawley has been involved with television. She has starred in two seasons of the Bachelor in Paradise and two seasons of The Bachelor Winter Games. Clare will also appear on the 16th season. Clare Crawley worked as a hairstylist before becoming a reality TV star. Clare Crawley will be the next Bachelorette in October.

Crawley was one the two women who left The Bachelor 2017 after Juan Pablo Galavis’ season. Clare and Galavis’ relationship was fraught with drama. She reacted with some harsh words. The show’s producers later revealed that Crawley wasn’t in the right emotional state to lead a season of The Bachelor. However, she did reveal that she is looking for the “perfect relationship” for her life.

Clare Crawley’s love life is also very private. She had a brief relationship with Dale Moss, whom she met on The Bachelorette. The two were engaged during the course of Clare’s run on the ABC dating show. They broke up in 2021, and they reconciled. However, they split again in September 2021. Clare Crawley’s love life has been fraught with drama, but she has been able to remain optimistic.

Clare Crawley spoke to Benoit Beausejour–Savard recently about filming her engagement. While she was on the show, she met her future husband Dale Moss on Season 16 of the popular dating show. Jana Kramer’s podcast “Whine Down” revealed that Crawley broke up with Moss.

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